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The sheep farmer Bjarne was healed of arthritis!
When Bjarne Klungtveit from Nedstrand got arthritis, it became very strenous to be a sheep farmer. After several years of ailments, he was on a 90 percent disability insurance. In 2004 the arthritis disappeared after prayer, and since then he has been running ...
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Only God could remove the headache
For a year, Nils Mathis Persen Bals (65) from Alta lived with chronic headaches. Day and night his head ached and no doctors or medications could be of help. Finally during a meeting service with Svein-Magne Pedersen in the town of Øksfjord in 2003, the pain d...
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-The cancer tumors disappeared without a trace!
Unni Marie Sandersens MRI pictures showed 20 tumors and lung cancer. Instead of complaining in distress, she immediately called Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer. At the next examination, all the tumors had disappeared without a trace.
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For almost 60 years Frank Robert Nilssen (62) suffered with migraine headaches. He had weekly pains and medicines did not help much. It affected his work-life and he was constantly on sick leave. In the summer of 2016 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen. In the tim...
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The tumor disappeared without a trace
For two years, Eva Nordstrøm (68) had a painful tumor in her back. The doctor feared it could develop into cancer. In 2013, her sister called Svein Magne Pedersen. At the next check the tumor had disappeared without a trace. In addition, the troublesome tinitu...
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