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David Pedersen:
-Four Chiropractors had given up on me.

New Back: David Pedersen (16) from the city of BodÝ suffered from enormous backpain after two years of heavy lifting. -Now the pain is completely gone, and everyday life has become new., he says happily.
16 year old David Pedersen had for many years been very actively involved in sports. He was especially interested in soccer. As a 14-year old he still chose to step down on the soccer and focus on workouts.

-I started lifting smaller weights and kept increasing from there. During the first year, I made great process and I worked out about four times a week. I thought it was fun and I really enjoyed working out.

After a year had gone by, he started feeling pain in his back, but he still continued working out for a while. The pain just increased and he eventually just had to throw in the towel and give up working out.

-It hurt so much, and I would constantly could feel the pain. The course I am taking in high school is contracting. It involves lots of physical work and often I had to give up at he end of the day.


Eventually David contacted his doctor, who referred him to a chiropractor. He was unable to better the situation.

-I looked up four different chiropractors, but none of them were able to make me well. One of them helped me a little bit, but the problems returned. I felt very frustrated and hopeless, since nobody could help, and the fact that they just gave up.

A few days before the meetings in the city of BodÝ, Davids father Jarle Pedersen heard that Svein-Magne Pedersen was coming to BodÝ. He suggested that they go to the meeting. Davids father himself had been healed from a hearnia when Pedersen prayed, and because of this, he had great faith that something wonderful could happen.

New everyday life

David and his father came to the meeting that Saturday evening, but had to wait a long time for their turn to receive prayer. It was a painful and long wait, but waiting was something David would not regret. Finally at 3:30 AM, it was their turn.

-When Svein-Magne prayed for me, I felt a warmth in my back, and as I left the building the pain was gone.

-What do you think of what has taken place?

-It is totally fantastic. I was in such pain, and now I am completely well. Now I am able to do everything, and my everyday life has become new. I can play soccer and have fun, but if there will be more workouts, time will show.

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