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Terje was healed of diabetes

After nearly twenty years of diabetes, Terje Nordvik went to receive prayer from Svein Magne Pedersen. From that day the blood sugar level began to fall, and soon he was able to cut out the medicines and eat normally.

Text and photo by Tor-Bjørn Nordgaard

It was on the weekend of 8 - 9 August, 2009 that Terje Nordvik (71) from Nesttun in Bergen went to a tent meeting at Frekhaug, where Svein-Magne preached the Word of God and prayed for the sick.

-Actually, I went to receive prayer for something completely different. The diabetes I only mentioned casually at the end, he tells.

However, the blood glucose levels fell dramatically immediately afterwards, and the healing had begun.

Diabetes type 2

Terje believes the year was 1990, when he woke up one summer night and and felt that he was dying of thirst. He drank nearly one and a half litre bottle of soda pop before he fell asleep again.The day after the blood glucose was measured by health professionals, and the level was up to 22 millimoles per liter. In healthy people, the level is between 4 and 7. The diagnosis was obvious. He had diabetes type 2. After that day, he was put on tablets and was given a strict diet, and the level stabilized at around 11.

Exercise and diet

During the first years, he struggled with severe pain in the bones and skin because of the disease.

-The skin was burning and felt like a pincushion. No one could come near me, he says.

With the right diet, exercise and the tablets the pain disappeared during the first few years, and by choosing a sensible lifestyle he managed over the years to get the blood sugar to stabilize at around 9. But when the long-term level is higher than 7, one still has diabetes. He would not get well on his own.

-Ate jam

Then a tent meeting was going to take place in Frekhaug, where he attended to receive prayer by Svein Magne Pedersen.

-After this I had measured the blood sugar several times, and the level up until then had been around 9, now it had fallen to around 7. I knew that the symptoms of diabetes had disappeared, and I told my prayer group that I had been healed, he said. During the year that followed, the blood sugar gradually decreased until it remained between 5 and 6, which is quite normal for healthy people. Gradually he began to venture out into normalizing his diet to test out what he endured. I started eating jam for breakfast, and it went just fine. It is the only spread I want in the morning, he said.

Cut out the medicine

In the entire first year after receiving prayer, Terje chose to nevertheless continue taking his medication, because he had no other evidence of his healing than his own experience. He had always refused to start insulin injections, because he managed to stay somewhat in shape by eating healthy and eating tablets to regulate the blood sugar. But the tablets he had depended on to be able to function. He would not stop using them before the doctor clearly indicated that it was okay.

-It says in the Bible that if we eat poison, it will not hurt us. I took this promise, and prayed that the tablets would not hurt me, even if I supposedly did not need them anymore, he says.

-I kept saying to myself that I was healed from diabetes, but continued to take the tablets for as long as I had access to them. One year after the tent meeting, however, these tablets were withdrawn from the Norwegian market, because of new research that proved the danger of the side effects. Terje ran out of pills and scheduled an appointment with the doctor a litte over two weeks later. Then they would find out what he should do next. In the meantime, he was to try to see how it worked to be without tablets.

-When I measured the blood sugar at the clinic, it was still at a normal level, he says.

The conclusion was very clear: It was unnecessary with more medication.

The doctor marveled

Terje is still continuing to measure the levels regularly to keep an eye on his health, and he says that the figure has been stable between 5 and 6 all the time. He still living healthy, but he needs not be afraid of eating sugar anymore.

-My family still sets me straight when I eat sugar, but it does not matter anymore, he says laughingly.

-Previously I had to go to the doctor for check-ups four times a year. Now the doctor has said that I only have to come in for an annual check-up. He is a little surprised by what has happened. He tries to explain it away by saying that I must have eaten myself well, but the level was never less than nine as long as that was all I did, says Terje.

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