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Slipped disc healed

HEALTHY BACK: Gro Lisbeth G. Johnsen from Narvik experienced her back becoming so healthy after receiving prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen in Grovfjord.
Gro Lisbeth G. Johnsen from Narvik has experienced a number of challenges healthwise, but God has always intervened. In Grovjord she had a meeting with doctor Jesus when her back was healed.

In the spring of 2012 Gro Lisbeth G. Johnsen from Narvik started getting backpains. It was very painful regardless of whether she walked, sat or lay in bed. Eventually she went to see a doctor and was then sent to have an MRI performed.

-When I was at the doctors office, I could with my eyes see the slipped disc on the radiographs. When I touched my back with my hand, I could feel the slipped disc. It hurt terribly and I ate 6-8 strong painkillers a day to subdue the pain. When I was at the physiotherapist, I cried out when he touched the slipped disc.

In the middle of April, 2013 Svein-Magne had meetings in Ballangen, but because of the pain, she did not bother to go. Fortunately Pedersen came to Grovfjord on June 15-16. She decided to resist the pain and attend the meeting.

-When Pedersen prayed, it was like a warm anesthetic cloth was laid on my back. The next day the pain was gone and the slipped disc was healed, she says happily.

Put the crutches away

Gro Elisabeth had also previously experienced God's healing power in which she has testified of in the magazine «Healing» earlier. In the mid 90's she started getting pain in the body, and in 2004 she was diagnosed with MS. This resulted in fatigue and pains, and she had to use crutches.

In 2008 Pedersen had a meeting in Narvik. She made the trip to Narvik and received prayer. When he prayed for her she got new energy in her body. A fews days later she was able to put the crutches away.

-I have not used crutches since that day and I am much better. I'm not cured of MS, but I no longer call it a disease, but a condition, she says.

Tumors disappeared

Two and a half years ago the doctor discovered seven large cancerous tumours. She had to be on medication, but she still called Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer. For each medical check the tumours had decreased, and the doctor was amazed at the progress. Today she has no tumors.

-I thank the skilled doctors, but Jesus has been the best and helped me, and I am so grateful. Without him it had not been easy. Life has become so wonderful!

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