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... but God had not forgotten Arnhild

FREE OF PAIN: For 23 years Arnhild Ekre from the town of Heddal had arthritis. When Svein-Magne Pedersen shook her hand after a home visit. Her husband Eivind is also excited about what has happened to his wife.
After over twenty years with arthritis and daily pain, Arnhild Ekre from Heddal had given up hope of getting healed. Then God intervened and healed her in an unexpected way.

Up until 1990 Arnhild from the town of Heddal outside of the small city of Notodden had lived a life in good health. She regularly worked in a store and was in good shape. One morning in 1990 she woke up with severe pain in the body. She hurt everywhere, especially in the knees, shoulders, wrists and under the feet.

-The pain exploded instantaneously overnight and was just terrible. I was totally distraught. After some time I went to see a doctor, who soon diagnosed me with arthritis, she says.

The following years were very tough. Every day she used painkillers. She managed to do the most important housework, but not the more straining tasks.

-I had pain 24 hours a day. I ached everywhere in my body. Life was not easy. The joints in my hands were totally crooked. I also had terrible pain in my feet. Three times I was operated on, but the results were unsuccessful. After some time I had to quit my job, and I started receiving disability benefits at the age of 52.

Years of prayer

In 1996 Arnhild and her husband got aquainted with Svein-Magne Pedersen and his wife. She had been to a number of meetings with Pedersen several places in Norway and received prayer.

-I had received prayer countless of times from different preachers and from other people.

Often I saw others get healed, but nothing happened with me. Because of this I had given up hoping, even though I knew that God could heal, she says.

On February 24 this year Svein-Magne Pedersen had healing meetings in Arnhild's home town, Heddal, near Notodden. It was the Mission Covenant church and the church Elim that had invited Pedersen.

-When Pedersen invited people to receive prayer, I remained seated in my chair. I felt that there was no point in receiving prayer, because it did not work anyways, I thought.

The pain disappeared after a handshake

The following day Svein-Magne and Solveig went to visit Arnhild and her husband, Eivind. It was a good visit with lefse (a Norwegian delicacy) and coffee.

-When Svein-Magne was about to leave, he shook my hand, and thanked me for the pleasant fellowship. I did not notice anything in particular, but a little later I suddenly noticed that the pain in my joints was gone. I could not believe it to be true.

In the time after this, Arnhild has been a lot more active. Her body is in good shape. This summer she has mowed the lawn three times, something she had not done in 15 years. She also went to see a doctor in Skien in September, who conducted tests that showed that everything was fine. The doctor could see that something had happened, and in the medical certificate he wrote that Arnhilds health was improved after "a visit from a preacher."

-It is wonderful to be able to get up without pain. I am glad that God had not given up on me, because he wants to heal all people, says Arnhild Ekre.

PROOF: The declaration from Arnhild's doctor says that her body is free of arthritis, and it happened after "a visit from a preacher."

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