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Healed of seven ailments

HAPPY: Her husband, Egil Olai Sjo, now has a healthy wife. He himself was healed of epilepsy after receiving prayer from Pedersen at Stord in the early 1990's.
Liv Bente Rikstad Sjo (43) from Hirtshals had for nearly her entire life struggled with bronchial asthma. After the meeting with Svein-Magne in Billund, Denmark, she is breathing normally. God also healed six other ailments.

Liv Bente Rikstad Sjo (43) was born and raised in Bergen, but today she lives in Hirtshals in Denmark with her husband Egil Olai. As early as one year old, she began with medications for allergy ailments. Eventually she got chronic bronchitis that developed into asthma. From the time she was five, she used asthma spray, and growing up she had to constantly use new medicines to get rid of mucus in the throat.

-When I was little, it was challenging in PE classes at school. It was okay to swim, but I could not run much. It has been like this all these years. When I went for walks, I was always lagging behind, she says.

Asthma attacks and allergies

The asthma ailments made everyday life challenging. The lungs whistled and made surkling sounds. Constantly she had to go to the hospital for examinations. Liv Bente particularly remembers one day where she had been out walking in minus temperatures. The lungs had become very cold because of the air.

-I could not breathe, and the lungs cramped together. I had to go straight to the doctor for treatment. It was a very frightening experience. Sjo was also allergic to pollen, which made the situation twice as difficult.

-My nose was often stuffed and my eyes would water. It was very uncomfortable during pollen seasons.


In 2012 Liv Bente married her husband Egil Olai. Together they moved to Hirtshals the following year. It was her husband who tipped Liv Bente about Svein-Magne Pedersen. He himself had been healed about ten years ago. For many years he had struggled with epilepsy and often had seizures.In early 1990, he went to a meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen in Stord. The meeting lasted long, since Egil Olai had a spot toards the end of the intercession queue. Around midnight, he unfortunately had to leave without receiving prayer, because the last car ferry was leaving.

-On the way to the pier suddenly the power of God came over me and I felt that I had to return to the meeting. My friends thought I was crazy for staying behind, but I just could not leave. This I do not regret. Back at the meeting, I finally received prayer. In the time after, there were long periods where I did not have any attacks. Today it has been several years since the last attack, he says.

When Pedersen came to Billund on February 22, 2014, Egil Olai recommended that his wife go to receive prayer. Together they went south with good cheer. Liv Bente left the asthma medicines at home in faith for a miracle.

Healed with a glance

The meeting with Pedersen was held in Billund Center, and many people had shown up. Towards the end of the meeting Pedersen suddenly looked at her.

-When I met the glance of Pedersen, I suddenly felt a warmth in my chest and stomach. I felt that it was easier to breathe. Later in the evening it was my turn to receive prayer. Then I felt that my lungs were healed. I could breathe normally. In the time that followed I have been in fine shape, and I pretty much run to the store when I go shopping. Now I can keep up with my husband when we go for walks.

More Miracles

As the days went by Liv Bente discovered that other ailments were gone as well. When she was pregnant with her daughter twelve years ago, she got a number of varicose veins in the legs.

-After Pedersen prayed, the swelling went down, and I do not have pain in my feet anymore. And they are not cold anymore, but warm. I went to the doctor, but he said I did not need surgery. Liv Bente has also noticed that the allergy had disappeared.

-We have a garden with both plum - and apple trees, and birch, alder and hazel trees. Before my nose would get clogged and tears flowed, but now I do not notice any reaction. Also allergies to shrimp, crabs and various spices are gone, she said. But God also had more to give of his grace to Liv Bente. All her life she had been suffering from an irregular heartbeat. The heart is fine as well.

-I also struggled with low blood sugar level throughout my life. That meant that I had to eat often. My weight went up and down all the time. After receiving prayer in Billund I can eat normally. Also the kidney pains I've struggled with for a long time have disappeared. In addition, there are other ailments in the body that I know God is about to take care of. It is amazing what God has done. I am a new person. All glory to God, says Liv Bente cheerfully.

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