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89-year old Kåre Brandmo:
Put away hearing aids after 15 years of having poor hearing

HEALED: 89-year old Kåre Brandmo was healed after 15 years of poor hearing.
For 35 years he worked as a fisherman and carpenter. He did carpentry in the summer and fishing in the winter. Kåre would stand in the pilot house for hours every day with his head close to the exhaust pipe steering the 35 foot fishing boat. "Bob - Bob - Bob" the motor hummed steadily, day in and day out. It had taken its toll!

At a meeting at Faith Life Bible Center in Skien on September 6 this year Kåre's wife, Mathilde Brandmo, approached me and said:

-Kåre has gotten a severe case of pneumonia. Therefore he could not come to the meeting today. Would it be possible for you to come for a visit and pray for him?

-Unfortunately, I replied, I'm too busy. It is not possible. Mathilde understood the situation and did not mention anything more about it. The church was full of people who needed to receive prayer. Some had come from afar. Both meetings this weekend would not be finished until late into the night.

I know Mathilde and Kåre from many years ago. Kåre comes from the town of Silsand on the island of Senja. Mathilde comes from Måsøy in Finnmark, the birthplace of the hymn writer Landstad. The couple have lived on the island of Senja, Alta, Stathelle and Bergen. They came to Skien in 2004. On December 4 this year they will celebrate their golden anniversary.

Hopes for a 89 year-old?

After the meetings that weekend my wife Solveig and myself were about to check out of the hotel in Skien. It felt good after more than 20 people had accepted Jesus as their Savior and several were healed. But amidst the joy, I heard a little voice in my heart saying, "You should drop by at Kåres house on your way home." I recognized the voice. It was God telling me to go the extra mile.

I called Kåre. He happily welcomed me. Solveig and the journalist Dag Buhagen waited in the car. It would only take five minutes.

Kåre was happy to see me again. It had now been 13 years since we last met – it was once in the city of Bergen.

-I will be 90 years old on March 21 next year, Kåre said.

Was there hope for someone who was going into his 90th year? To pray for a man at his age – was it stretching grace a little too far? The thought hit me. "No," I said to myself, "the grace period is as long as a lifetime. Jesus died not only for young people - he died for all! "

During the prayer Kåre feels a power flowing into his chest. Breathing is becoming so easy to do. The lung inflammation begins to disappear.

Now the hearing aids are in a box

Now Solveig and Dag are waiting for me out of the car. It has been ten minutes. Then I discover that he has two large hearing aids in his ears. I start to rationalize: The man is almost 90 years of age. It is natural for a man of this age to have bad hearing. It follows the course of nature.

The devil says, "It is okay for him to have poor hearing. Also, old ears are difficult to cure. His hearing is too poor for a miracle take place. Say goodbye and go home to Vennesla. " But the devil knows I like challenges and I have seen several elderly people get healed. I reject the opponent.

-Would you like me to pray for your hearing? I ask Kåre.

-Yes, definitely. Without hearing aids I cannot hear anything. The sound of the engine in my boat thumped all the time when I was out fishing in both Lofoten and Finnmark. The exhaust pipe that went up through the pilot house, reinforced the thumping from the engine. In those days we did not have hearing protection. This thumping sound damaged my hearing. I have also been a carpenter for about 35 years. As a carpenter, I frequently had to use a nail gun. The sound of the nail gun was also partly responsible for damaging my hearing.

The 89-year-old immediately grabs a hold of both hearing aids and takes them off.

-I have been using hearing aids for 15 years. I got these last spring and they cost NOK 15,000.

I am putting my fingers in his ears. Immediately something starts happening in the left ear. A power flows in. After a few minutes I take my fingers out of his ears.

-Now I can hear well, equally well in both ears! Kåre exclaims happily.

I pray twice for his hearing to ensure that he has gotten everything God has for him. Then I stand behind him and whisper so quiet that I can barely hear it myself:

-Can you hear me?

Kåre responds immediately: - Yes, I can hear you. My hearing is back. Now I do not need the hearing aids anymore. Journalist Dag Buhagen comes in and takes pictures of the newly healed.

We say goodbye and go home. During the drive home a phone call comes in from the co-pastor Jarl Valebjørg. He is at the prayer meeting that the church organizes every Monday morning. Jarl gives thanks for a great weekend meeting and welcomes me back.

Now it is suitable to share what God has done for Kåre: «Jarl, I have just now been to visit Kåre Brandmo. God has healed him and given him his hearing back.»

Through the mobile phone, I hear all the congregation cheering. Mathilde was at the meeting. She did not know that I had been back home. The joy is double for her.

He does not need a permanent loop

Next Sunday, Mathilde and Kåre was at a meeting in Faith Life Bible Center. The technician approaches them and says:

-Unfortunately, the induction loop is not working today.

Mathilde tells the soundman that Kåre has his hearing back again. He no longer needs the induction loop. The testimony will be well received in this congregation.

-Now he can even hear the ticking of the old wall clock in the living room, Mathilde says laughingly over the phone the other day. He has also become much better when it comes to the pneumonia.

God visited the 89-year-old from Silsand and lavished him with his grace and power.

Glad I stopped by!

MIRACLE: Mathilde and Kåre are delighting over the hearing miracle.

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