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Hildur's pain nightmare

TELEPHONE HELP: Hildur Skråmestø from the city of Bergen gives thanks to God that He healed her. Several times she has called the prayer line with ailments in the body, and God has intervened.
Hildur Skråmestø (90) from Bergen is not in doubt that her calling the prayer line has helped her. Several times she has called Svein-Magne Pedersen concerning ailments in the body, and God has intervened.

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to call and receive prayer. When I have health challenges, I will make contact, and I notice that it helps. Specifically, there are three times that God has really intervened, says Hildur Skråmestø from Bergen.

Hip Ailments

Hildur says that two years ago she began having severe hip pain. Her whole life she had worked as a cleaner, and she did not retire from the job before she was 75 years old. A long and heavy working life had therefore led to hip wear and tear.The pain came and went, and she had problems with being active. Regardless there is one day Hildur remembers most.

-I was going to the hospital to visit my daughter. My hips were very bad that day, and I realized it would be a long trip. When we got to the hospital, I had to stop and rest. I hurt so bad that I did not know which leg I should put in front of the other. A little later we arrived at home in a taxi. I then had to crawl up the stairs to bring myself into the house. I found some old crutches to use enabling me to move around. After a while I was so distraught that I threw my crutches to the floor and said to my daughter: "Tomorrow I will call Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer.»

Just past nine o'clock the following day she called the prayer line and Pedersen prayed for her. When she hung up, she was unsure if she dared stand up.

-I did it anyway, and absolutely amazingly, all the pain had disappeared. Her hips were healed! I was so happy that I woke up my daughter, who was still sleeping and told that I was healed, she says happily.


Also during Christmas, 2011 Hildur got pain in the foot. It turned out to be gout, which is an inflammation of the joints due to excess uric acid in the blood.

-I could barely walk and I was greatly reduced. There was severe pain in the toe and under the footpad, and I was both red, hot and swollen, says Hildur.

Gout is often treated using painkillers, but since Hildur had a weak heart, the doctor did not dare give her anything.

-It hurt, and I would have liked to have tablets. Instead I called Svein-Magne again. After having received prayer, the pain also disappeared this time, she says.

Hallux Valgus

A third situation where Hildur got to experience God's healing power was in December 2012. For a few weeks she had been getting severe pain in one of the big toes. The doctor thought it was the ailment Hallux Valgus, which is a wrong positioning of the big toe. Fifteen years ago she had been diagnosed with this on the other foot. Then she had an operation, and the toe was healthy again. Therefore there was no doubt about this being the same ailment.

-Because of my weak heart, doctors would not give me painkillers now either. The only solution was surgery. It was absolutely terribly painful. I cried many times and I was at my wit's end. Every day I had to have help getting around the house such as to the toilet, in my bed and to the dining table. I could not wear shoes and I sat mostly still the whole time, Hildur tells.

Finally she called the prayer line again to receive prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen.

Five times she called, and after the fifth call the pain disappeared.

-It was amazing, because it was so painful. Now I can wear shoes again and function normally. Thank God for the prayer line, says Hildur Skråmestø.

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