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Was bedridden for five months: Healed of sciatica at the Miracle Saturday meeting

HEAT: Svein Anders Andersen from Porsgrunn felt an incredible heat throughout the body when he received prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting. When he stood up, the sciatica pain was gone and the back had been made well. PHOTO: Svein-Magne Pedersen
The first six months of 2015 was a period of terrible pain for Svein Anders Andersen when he got strong sciatica pains in his back and leg. At the Miracle Saturday meeting on June 13th he was instantly healed.

For several years Svein Anders Andersen from Porsgrunn had problems with his back. The reason was many years of hard work and reckless lifting. Eventually, he got four slipped discs. The X-rays were not good. In 2000 three of the slipped discs were operated on, but his back was still not good. He still managed to live fairly well with the ailments, but he was still receiving disability benefits.

In January 2015 the situation changed dramatically. Andersen got violent back and sciatica pain and was lying right out in bed. Several times he went to see the doctor to get help.

-I had severe pains and could hardly move. From January to May I lay bedridden almost the entire time full of pain. I had no life. The pain was comparable to getting an electric shock. It was absolutely awful.


One day the pain was so great that his wife had to call the doctor. An ambulance came and picked him up, and Svein-Anders was in the hospital for four days. There he was drugged with strong painkillers.

-I lay there in my own world and knew neither who I was or where I was. The intoxication caused me to lose all senses. I realize what the addicts are talking about concerning intoxication effects and what withdrawal is. Fortunately another doctor stopped the tough medication.

Andersen was sent home, but was still in pain. He now used morphine patches and took six painkillers every day.

-Occasionally I was in so much pain that I went against the doctor's dosage and took up to ten tablets a day because the pain was so unbearable. The ambulance had to pick me up again one day when the pain became too great.

Was able to jump

On Saturday, June 13 Svein Anders and his wife planned on making a trip to the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla, but Andersen was hurting so much that his wife wanted them to cancel the trip.

-I am a somewhat stubborn person, and we made the trip anyway. The two and a half hour trip from Porsgrunn to Vennesla was strenuous and painful. The meeting was a challenge, because it was a long wait.

After seven hours, it was finally Andersen's turn.

-Pedersen prayed for me, and my body became incredibly warm. It almost felt like I had a fever, and I was breathing like a whale. When I stood up, the pain was gone. It was amazing! I could jump and walk without feeling pain.

In the days following the meeting, Andersen was able to test his shape. There was much to be done, since he had been sick for so long. He cleaned the house, cut the grass and was at the garbage dump.

After the summer holidays we call him again. He tells about not having felt any sciatica pain. I still have to be somewhat careful with my back, but life has become like new. My wife also says that I walk much straighter now. Before I walked like "the Leaning Tower of Pisa." A big thank you to Jesus and Svein-Magne Pedersen's intercession.

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