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Healed of COPD

GOOD: Aud Helene Arnesen (79) from Årnes had severe lung problems and eventually got COPD. After several prayers by Svein-Magne the COPD has disappeared. At the Miracle Saturday meeting on 29 August 2015, she told about her miracle.
For many years Aud Helene Arnesen (79) from Årnes had lung problems. In the spring of 2014 she was eventually diagnosed with COPD. After a while she phoned Svein -Magne and received prayer, and the COPD disappeared.

After years of smoking, Aud Helene Arnesen stubbed the cigarettes in 1978. The lungs were nevertheless damaged, and she eventually got asthma. In 1997 she also had large parts of the right lung surgically removed. In recent years, her breathing had worsened considerably.

-The doctor constantly wrote "COPD" with question marks after each control. After some time with pneumonia I eventually was diagnosed with COPD. This was on 24 April, 2014. I was very short of breath and could not properly fill the lungs with air. Constantly I got uncontrollable coughing fits that bothered me greatly. In addition, I used several types of medicines.

Arnesen also attended a seminar on COPD with a professor who was an expert on the disease. He presented shocking information.

-One can get rid of asthma, but one dies from COPD, he said firmly. There was therefore no possibility of getting cured of the disease.

After some time Aud Helen contacted Svein-Magne Pedersen. She called about four times. The lungs improved after each prayer. Finally she could breathe normally. In April 2015 the COPD was gone.

-Now my lungs are fine and the COPD is gone. I've cut out three types of medications. It is fantastic! I told the doctor what had happened. Also, many others have gotten to hear my testimony, but they look at me as if I were a strange animal."Do not talk such nonsense," some say. Then they have not been very sick yet, I think. If they get sick, they most likely will seek help. God has helped me many times. I'm so happy for all the help I've gotten through Pedersen's prayers. I promote his ministry to as many as possible.

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