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Tordis was close to dying:
- Jesus healed me of leukemia!

FREE OF CANCER: In 2010 Tordis Kværnå (79) from Vestfossen was afflicted by incurable leukemia. In addition, she got both ulcers, pneumonia and stroke. Tordis was close to dying, but after prayers she is now healthy.

In 2010 Tordis Kværnå was at the doctor because of a slight bump on the neck. When the doctor took various tests, he found something quite different from what Tordis had expected. The tests showed the blood cancer called chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

With leukemia an uncontrolled growth of white blood cells occurs, which inhibits the growth of normal blood cells in the bone marrow. Around 200 people get the disease each year in Norway. Many can live with the disease for several years without being bothered. This was the case with Tordis for a while.

-The first years I went regularly to the doctor without much difficulty. Eventually I felt more sluggish and could not bear much. Often I had to rest on the couch. In the autumn of 2012 the doctor wanted to admit me to the hospital, tells Tordis.

When she arrived at the hospital, the blood ratio was only five percent ( 5g / 100ml ), which is far below the normal of about 13 for elderly women. She got three bags of blood transferred immediately. As a consequence of the sickness, Tordis had to undergo chemotherapy that was a prescribed cure of Public Health. Chemotherapy could only slow down the progression and improve survival and the quality of life, but you never get rid of the cancer. (Source: Cancer Society)

-The doctor said that I had to live with it the rest of your life. I was back and forth to the hospital constantly getting blood transfusions. The chemotherapy was not working as it should. My shape was only worse, and I could not handle much in everyday life. My husband did a lot of housework and helped me as best he could.

Ulcer and stroke

With the disease a number of other ailments also followed, since the immune system was so weakened. Tordis got amongst other things serious pneumonia, and for five months she coughed day and night. It was so bad that her husband could not sleep in the same room as her.

-For one period of time I was sent to an old folk’s home, but they thought I was too sick and I was admitted to Kongsberg hospital instead. I also got bleeding ulcers, and my condition got even worse, says Tordis.

As if that were not enough, she also suffered a stroke and had severe paralysis of the body, especially the legs.

-Now I needed help with everything in life. At home I had two nurses who helped me every morning and evening. They gave me food and washed me, because I could not manage anything myelf. I lost several kilos and weighed only 40 kilograms at the least. My body was so thin that one could hold around my arms and my legs with the fingers. For six months I lay paralyzed in bed.

Close to dying

For a time Tordis’ condition was so bad that she fell into a coma. The doctors could not do anything. She was too weak to be operated on and too weak to be placed in respirator. One day, her husband Kåre was called into the office of the chief physician. He asked if they were going to quit the medication and let Tordis die. Kåre refused, but the doctor insisted: " Think about what kind of life she would have if she survives", he said. The doctor asked what the rest of the family wanted, but her husband did not back down. Instead Kåre contacted Svein-Magne. Several times he called to receive prayer.

When Kåre came back to the hospital, he met a doctor who stood there smiling. He told about how Tordis spinal cord had begun to produce blood again. It was a joyful day. New controls also showed that the blood levels were normal and that the leukemia was gone. The doctor was both pleased and surprised.

Astounded doctors

When Tordis returned home again, she used the time to recuperate. All tests showed that all the cancer was gone, but her legs needed strength. She therefore continued to call Pedersen for help, and Tordis was constantly improving. At first she sat in a wheelchair, but soon she could use a walker and finally walk by herself. v -After some time, I met up with the doctor without the help of a walker or a wheelchair. When he entered the waiting room and saw me, he began to clap his hands. He was very surprised, but pleased.

A few months later Tordis met the doctor who wanted to give up on her. v -When he saw me, he beamed. He gave himself completely over, because he had never imagined that I would function like a normal human being again. Another day I also met the nurses who cared for me at home when I was sick.

-Has your health returned? they said shocked.

Several people get shocked when they meet Tordis. They thought she was deceased, but could now see that she is in good shape. Tordis cleans the house, cooks, and is enjoying life. Now she can also eat food around the same table as her husband, and this she thinks is wonderful.

-I have told about what has happened to many. Heartfelt thanks to Svein-Magne for prayers several times, as well as everyone else who has prayed for me, including my husband. This is the greatest thing that has happened besides that I was saved at age 17. Jesus should have the greatest thanks. He bore our sins on the cross so that we could be reconciled to God and experience the salvation of spirit, soul and body.

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