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Unni Marie was healed of lung cancer:
-The cancer tumors disappeared without a trace!

FREE OF CANCER: In 2007 Unni Marie Sandersen from the city of Sarpsborg got lung cancer. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, the new MRI pictures showed that all tumors had disappeared.
Unni Marie Sandersens MRI pictures showed 20 tumors and lung cancer. Instead of complaining in distress, she immediately called Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer. At the next examination, all the tumors had disappeared without a trace.

Unni and Raymond Sandersen live in Yven, a few kilometers outside Sarpsborg city center. The couple moved there in 1999 after living in Jæren for 16 years. In 1979 they were saved and have since maintained their faith in Jesus. Their faith was especially important when the couple experienced something in 2007 that would for a time turn their lives upside down. During the summer Unni started getting very sick and she coughed up mucus with blood and had severe chest pain. The pains spread into the back.

-I was so sick that I was bedridden. After several weeks, I contacted my family doctor. He was concerned and referred me to Østfold Hospital for an x-ray and further examinations.

Cancer tumors

Unni was so sick that she barely managed on her own. When the results were ready, her husband, Raymond, (64) had to accompany her into the doctors office.

-I'm not a doctor, but when I saw the MRI pictures, I could see all the tumors on the lungs for myself. There were 15-20 spots and there could be no doubt about what it could be, Raymond says seriously.

-Your lungs are full of cancer, were the doctor’s words. He immediately began filling out papers for additional examinations in Oslo.

The message from the doctor was rough on the couple, but Raymond took it the hardest.

-Unni is more optimistic and she does not worry that easily. For me it was more agonizing.


When they returned from the hospital, the couple decided to say a prayer corporately. After the prayer Unni decided to phone Svein-Magne Pedersen so that he too could pray for her.

-He prayed for me where I did not feel anything in particular, but soon I started feeling better. Since my condition changed so rapidly, we phoned and requested a new examination of the lungs at Østfold county hospital.

When the doctor saw the new pictures, he was very surprised. They did not show signs of any tumors. He did not understand what had happened.

-On the MRI pictures there was not a tumor to be found. We could see with our own eyes that all the tumors had disappeared. God had healed me. It was fantastic! Unni says.

Since the miracle day in 2007 Unni’s lungs have been healthy and has not had any relapse. She is still free of cancer.

-I thank God that I got life as a gift from an allmighty God. Had the miracle not taken place, I would have probably been gone. The doctors could not take the credit for what had happened. They did not give me any medicines or treatments. God alone was behind all this with His power! she says happily.

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