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The miracle in my life

Read testimonies from peoples life.

"Angina," the doctors said

The X-rays from the hospital showed that I had angina. Several small veins on the left side of the heart were clogged. When it was cold outside and I walked uphill, I had to stop, because I would get chest pains. For two or three years I lived with this heart disease. Three months ago I called you and received prayer for the angina. Since then I have not felt any angina pain. I am so glad because of what has taken place, and I thank you and God for the help I have received, because He has given you the power to heal.

Attrition of the back

I had wear and tear in the back. The radiographs from the hospital showed this. For two years I had suffered with pain. Some days I could neither sit or walk. Three months ago I called you and received prayer for the back pain. After a few days I was in good health! I have done some cleaning around the house and I do not feeling any pain in the back. Now I can do anything, because God has healed me!

Free of pain after the surgery

Three years ago the doctors found out that I had colon cancer. Before I was going to have surgery, I called you and received prayer. The doctors removed 15 cm of the colon. The next day I was on my feet and walked around in the corridor of the hospital. «Don't you have pain in the wound from the operation?» a nurse asked me. I replied: «No, I am not hurting, I am in fine shape.» God took away the pain, because you prayed for me.

Hepatitis B disappeared

I know a woman who had hepatitis B. She suffered several years with this disease. Without her knowing, I called you and received prayer for her. One year passed before she went to another check-up. At that point the hepatitis B was gone! Three months have passed since she was declared healthy. The doctor was dumbfounded, it's impossible to be cured of hepatitis B. The woman no longer needed to go for check-ups. A few days ago I told her that I had contacted you. She was up in arms over that such a thing could happen to her. But then she realized the reason she was healed.


My grandson had had epilepsy since he was 14 years old. He could have several seizures a day. After you prayed for him, the seizures stopped. The doctors examined him after you prayed at the hospital in Hamar, and at the hospital in Elverum. They discovered that he no longer had epilepsy. A doctor at the hospital in Lillehammer said, "You can stop taking the medication."

Married couple with asthma

Sometime in the 90s, you visited the town of Sundby in Saltdalen. My wife and I both went there. I was the only one who had an appointment. I mentioned that she was very plagued with asthma. She had had it since she was around 40 years of age. The doctor had given her two types of medicines. You were willing to pray for her. «Send her in, I will give her five minutes,» you said. My wife went into the prayer room where you prayed for her. Two weeks later she decided to quit taking the asthma medicines that the doctors had prescribed to her. The asthma did not return. Since then she has been healthy. I got asthma in the end of the 80s. It was very difficult to breathe. I came to think of borrowing my wife's asthma medicine. Immediately it was easier to breathe. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I had asthma. He asked me to start taking two types of medicines. In October 2012, you had meetings in Bodø. Late in the night it was my turn to receive prayer. Two weeks after you prayed for me, I stopped taking the asthma medicines. Since then I have not felt anymore to the asthma. I had X-rays performed shortly before the Christmas of 2012. The doctor found out that the lungs were clean. God has healed us both of asthma.

Healed of shingles

For six years I suffered from shingles. My whole body was affected. A couple of years ago you participated in an alternative health exhibition in Trondheim. While I was waiting to receive prayer, I started to vibrate. I said to my friend, «The shingles are disappearing!» Shortly after, you prayed for me, but then I was already healed. Since then I have been in good shape.

Lost sense of taste

My son lost his sense of taste after the doctors removed his tonsils. Without him knowing about it, I called you and received prayer for him. The same evening that you prayed he got his sense of taste back. Only later did he learn the reason he got his sense of taste back. For two weeks he had had no sense of taste when the miracle happened. Since then he has been well.

Healed of flat feet

My son had flat feet since he was born. Eventually he got insoles. He had to get more as he grew. Without him knowing anything about it, I called you and received prayer for him. I called several times and received prayer for him. Eventually my son realized that he no longer needed insoles, because he discovered that he had gotten rid of the flatfootedness. He was seven years old then. Now he has a nice arc underfoot. It has been 15 years since God healed his feet.

Ten years of prostate problems

For ten years, my husband suffered from prostate problems. During the night he had to go to the bathroom three to four times. Six months ago I called you and received prayer for him. He was almost instantly healed. Two days later he was rid the of prostate problem. Now he at the most goes once to the toilet at night. He is very happy for what has happened.

Cancer of the uterus

My mother had advanced cancer of the abdomen. The doctors found out that she had cancer of the uterus. At the hospital she received chemotherapy. This caused bleeding and she had to stop the chemotherapy. She was so weak and ill that the doctors sent her home to die. A year ago I called you and received prayer for my mother. From then on, the cancer began to disappear more and more. Two to three weeks after you prayed for her she was in the hospital to be examined. Then the cancer was gone! Since then she has been several times to to be examined.The doctors did not find cancer anymore. Now she is 83 years and is like new. The doctors have declared her to be healthy. "There is no more cancer here," said one of the doctors at the hospital in Stavanger.

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