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Birger surprised the doctors:
Healed of COPD, angina, and chronic sinusitis

HEALED: Birger Rystad from Sørreisa became a completely new person when he was at a meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen in Finnsnes in 2008. In addition to being saved, he was also healed of COPD, angina and chronic sinusitis. All doctors had given up on him, but Jesus had not given up on him.
When it comes to head injuries, even the best doctor in the field in Europe had given up on Birger Rystad (72), but Jesus healed him within a few seconds after receiving prayer. Angina and COPD also disappeared during the meeting in Finnsnes in 2008.

Over the past six years, Birger Rystad from Sørreisa has enjoyed life without ailments. A major turning point in his life was in June, 2008, when he received both spiritual and physical healing. Before that day life had been very tough and challenging healthwise. For 58 years he had amongst other things suffered from severe headaches.

-It all began when I was eight years old. A grown man hit me in the forehead so hard that several bones were shattered. I was sent to the hospital. My body temperature dropped to 34 degrees, and the doctors thought I was going to die. Fortunately, I survived, Birger says.

He got chronic sinusitis due to the injuries. He had a headache and stuffy nose every day. Birger was still a tough guy. Therefore he did not use painkillers. He struggled for years with alcohol and would often get into trouble.

Help from specialist

As time passed, it was decided that Birger was to undergo surgery. The X-ray pictures showed that the bones of the head stood in all directions. Two operations were performed, but to no avail. The pain in the head persisted and was there every day. A doctor asked Birger how he managed to live with such pain.

-After some time, the hospital decided to bring in an expert from abroad. A Finnish doctor and the best in Europe for such operations of the head, came to Norway, but even he did not manage to fix Birger's head. The doctor himself said that nothing more could be done for him now.

COPD and Asthma

Besides the head and sinus problems Birger got other ailments. He had smoked for several years, which caused him to develop COPD, and he got angina pains.

-My chest was so congested that I had to sleep in a sitting position with many pillows all around me. If I lay straight, I would choke, which I could die from. I went to see the doctor weekly where I got pills for the COPD. It was absolutely awful.

The doctor himself said that no more could be done for him.

His heart bothered him terribly also. He had eight clogged arteries to the heart and he used nitroglycerin. When he walked up hills, he needed to stop constantly. Several times he was close to dying. He was given a strict order to contact the physician instantly when he felt pain in the heart.

-I felt pain constantly, but I was a tough guy and I rarely made contact. I remember once on the day of my sons confirmation. I had lost consciousness, but fortunately someone gave me a nitroglycerin and transported me to the doctor. I was revived after a while, and was determined to attend my son's confirmation the same day. The doctor was insistant, but it ended in having to sign for that I took full responsibility if anything were to happen.

Spiritual and physical help

On June 14, 2008 Birger made the trip to the auditorium in Finnsnes where Svein-Magne Pedersen was having healing meetings arranged by the Pentecostal Church. Many had come, and people were saved, including Birger.

-I cried like a baby, and I got peace within, and it was amazing, he tells.

During the evening Pedersen prayed for the sick, and several were healed. When Pedersen came to Birger, he received a word of knowledge about what ailed him. The head symptoms and the angina was mentioned before Pedersen prayed for him.

On his way home, wondrous things began to happen to Birger's body. My legs began to swell and became rigid. He felt racing in his heart before it became quiet. The racing started again, and this time it was from the heart, and down throughout the body, until it went out through the feet. After an hour the swelling went down, and from that day the heart has been just fine, and he has not used nitroglycerin.

-The next day something else happened. Suddenly blood and mucus began flowing out from his nose. After that I had no sinusitis or head ailments. And as if that was not enough the COPD also disappeared!

Very surprised doctor

On June 20, 2006 Rystad had a new check-up at the hospital in Harstad. It was a German doctor who did the examination of the head. He noticed that everything was fine.

-Do you believe in healing, Rystad asked.

-No, such nonsense, the doctor replied and cursed loudly.

-Would you look at the old pictures, and let me know what you think, Rystad asked with curiosity.

The doctor said that it was not necessary, but Rystad insisted. When the doctor viewed the old pictures, he believed that they were not of Birger's head. But after having checked the pictures twice, he was very surprised.

-Sit down in the chair, he ordered, and did a new examination of Birgers head. When he was finished, the doctor sat down. He was quiet and was only thinking for several minutes. Then he stood up and said:

-Yes, there is more between heaven and earth than I thought, because a miracle has taken place. It should not be possible for these bones to have grown together, he said.

Birger went for a check-up for angina and COPD on a different day. The physician did not see any symptoms of these ailments either.

-There is nothing wrong with you, and you will live until you're at least a 100 years old, the doctor said.

When he became aware of how Birger's health had been in the past, he was baffled, and called a specialist.

-What has happened here? he asked. When Birger told of the prayer, the doctor responded: Yes, Pedersen we are familiar with. Then you are healthy, he said.

It has been more than eight years since Birger was healed, and he has never felt any more symptoms of the COPD, angina or chronic sinusitis.

-It is amazing what has happened! I have told the story to many about what has has taken place. Many people think that I am lying, but then I ask them to take a trip to the clinic in Sørreisa and ask them. Pedersen is a man with the power of God. When I meet Pedersen, I have a feeling of meeting one of Jesus' apostles. Thanks to him and God in heaven, says Birger and smiles.

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