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Traveled from Canada to Miracle Saturday

GLAD: Dr. Shivani Dass from Canada was delighted with her stay in Norway, where she visited Miracle Saturday and received prayer for a relative. Dr. Dass has a Doctors degree with a PhD and works as a psychotherapist in Canada.
Dr. Shivani Dass, who works as a psychotherapist, is one of those who has traveled the farthest to get to the miracle Saturday. On Saturday August 29, 2015, she made the trip from Toronto in Canada to receive prayer.

During the year we have had several visitors from abroad at Miracle Saturdays. In March a mother and her daughter came visiting from London, and in May her sister came to Vennesla. In June a doctor from Birmingham traveled to Norway to participate in miracle Saturday. All had seen Svein-Magne's tv-program "The Miracle is Yours" sent on Gospel Channel Europe.

Our TV program is also broadcast over a number of other countries (123 countries), including Canada. Here the program is sent via a television channel which covers large parts of the country. On Saturday August 29 we were visited by Dr. Shivani Dass from Canada. She came from the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario. After a flight of about 6,500 kilometers she arrived in Norway and Vennesla Thursday 27 August. Every Thursday Svein-Magne Pedersen prays for people at the center (Miracle Thursday), and Dass had reserved an appointment for prayer. Two days later she again met up at the center to attend the Miracle Saturday. Early in the morning there was already a long queue before the doors were opened, but Dass sat patiently and waited with the others in the sun that shone over Vennesla this Saturday.

Dass is originally from India and came to Norway to receive prayer for a sick relative in her home country. She eagerly told about how she came to know of Jesus Heals Ministries in Norway.

-I wanted someone to pray for a sick relative, but was looking for someone I felt was the right one. Every day I prayed to God that He would show me who I could contact. I followed a number of Christian television channels, and there were many preachers who had television programs about healing.

After several weeks of searching, she happened to see the program "The Miracle is Yours" with Svein-Magne on a television channel.

-When I saw Svein-Magne, I felt right away in my heart that this was the right person to contact for prayer, she says.

Dr. Dass did not understand what Pedersen said, but the program is subtitled in English.

-He preached a simple and clear teaching about healing. There was a special presence of God as he taught. We also got to see the testimonies and he prayed for people. The next time I was going to watch the program, it did not come, and I was deeply distressed. Then I discovered, to my great relief, that I was looking at the wrong channel.

In the next few weeks Dass continued to faithfully follow Pedersen's tv-program. As time passed, she decided to travel to Norway. She contacted Jesus Heals ministries via e-mail, and soon she was on her way to Norway.

-The stay was wonderful! It was a great experience. I could not believe it to be true when I got to meet Pedersen personally. I received prayer for a relative, and have expectations for the future. Jesus is the doctor of doctors and He hears prayer, she says radiantly pleased on the way home to Canada.

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