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God opened clogged arteries

HEALTHY: With great chestpain Ruth Mikalsen (76) from Dyfjord was rushed to the hospital. The doctor thought it was clogged arteries and cardiac arrest. ILLUSTRASIONPHOTO : Adobe Stock
In 2014 Ruth Mikalsen (76) from Dyfjord was struck with considerable pain in the heart, and hastily she had to go to the hospital. The doctor thought it was clogged arteries and congestive heart failure. A short telephone prayer changed the situation.

Ruth Mikalsen is from the fishing village of Dyfjord, which is an old Sami town. This place has about fifty inhabitants and is situated in Lebesby in Finnmark. In September 2014 something dramatic happened when she was sitting in her living room knitting. Ruth felt that her breathing was so strange. She took a deep breath to see if it helped. Instead she got severe abdomen and heart pain.

- I have never felt such horrible pain, and I barely managed to crawl over to the couch to lie down, she solemnly says.

Her husband, Harald, had been down in the basement and was apparently very concerned when he came upstairs. He called the ambulance, which soon arrived. The doctor gave her an injection that soothed the pain, but during the trip to Kjøllefjord infirmary, she had a new pain attack, and the doctor had to give her more medication.

- I was later flown by ambulance helicopter to the hospital in Hammerfest, where I was admitted for about five days. They performed different tests, and the doctor said that I had clogged arteries which had caused the heart attack. I also struggled with atrial fibrillation from before, which had been documented previously.

Ruth was to be transferred to Tromsø hospital for further examinations and possibly surgery, but she was first sent home for a few days. She was supposed to have a hip replacement in a few weeks, but this was postponed because the doctor was concerned about what her heart could handle.

Surprised doctor

When Ruth came home from Hammerfest, she felt that she was in poor shape and the breathing was not as it should be. The first thing she did the next morning was to call Svein-Magne to receive prayer.

- When I hung up, I felt that my body was much lighter. I was so happy. "You know, something happened with my heart ", I said to my husband.

A few days later, she was sent to Tromso hospital. The doctors were afraid that she had had a heart attack. When they went in to check the arteries, everything was open and clean.

- That was good news for me. The doctor did not know anything. He was sure to find something wrong with my veins, but everything was open. Thus, I was sent home again. Shortly after, I could have the hip surgery without complications to the heart. Then and there I had various tests performed including a so-called load test for the heart. It showed no inaccuracies!

Stomach discomfort

For many years, Ruth was familiar with Svein Magne Pedersen's ministry. Ruth says that she has all of his books and readily makes contact. Several places in the house, one can find the business card with the phone number to the prayer phone, and Ruth is constantly using prayer cloths she has been sent. Ruth says that she earlier has been healed through prayer as well.

- In May 2002 we were visiting some friends in eastern Norway. When I ate something my stomach could not handle, it was completely unsettled. All the food I ate would run right through me, and in five months I lost 20 kg, she says.

The situation was very desperate, and Ruth went to the doctor several times. She had both an X-ray and an ultrasound of the abdomen performed, but they did not find the cause of stomach ailments. She began to fear that it might be cancer.

- One evening I saw Svein-Magne on television. He prayed for the viewers, and I joined in the prayer. The day after I was completely healthy. In the time that followed my weight increased again and I was able to eat normally. I am so grateful for Pedersen’s prayers. I usually say that he is "my doctor" used by God.

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