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The cancer was killing me

In 1994 the doctors discovered that Charlotte Holmlimo (65) had 7-8 cancer lumps in her back. Death was knocking on her door.

Text and photo by Johan Hovda

In 1994 Inger was constantly feeling pains in her skeletal system. She went to her doctor and after few consultations, she was sent to the hospital in the city of Levanger in Norway to have a bone scan.

Death sentence

The x-ray picture showed that the cancer had spread to seven places in her back.-I did not know what to believe, but the doctor affirmed the seriousness of the situation.

Inger saw for herself the picture that clearly showed spots several places in her back.

–A bone scan is much safer than an X-ray, CT, or an MRI, says Inger.

She knows what she is talking about having 15 years as a nurse’s assistant and one year at the Radium Hospital in Oslo in the gynechology department. Inger also showed the picture to a former co-worker at the hospital. She said the same as the doctor. –The picture showed several tumors in her back.

Inger had to go through a number of examinations to find out what type of cancer she had to have further treatments. She had many blood samples, had a gynecological examination and the thyroid was examined. She was to have a mammogram at the hospital, but none of the examinations showed which type of cancer it was or where it originated from.


The x-ray picture and the examinations that didn’t give any answers caused Inger to be depressed. But she clung to a hope. Could God intervene in the situation and heal her? She had earlier been given a copy of the magazine Legedom by some friends and later subscribed to the magazine herself where she read more about divine healing.

She contacted the office of Svein-Magne.

-I was very well received and it was nice. Svein-Magne prayed that God would cleanse my body of cancer and remove the spreading of it. I then felt a deep sense of peace and serenity come over me, Inger says.

A few weeks later she watched Svein-Magne on the talk show on T.V. “Lønning Direkte” (12 oct. 1995). She again felt that tranquility and peace come over her.

The second examination

Inger got in touch with her doctor who sent her to get a new skeletal scan. When the day came where she was going for her examination, she was nervous. Two hours before the initial scan she had an injection to obtain contrast to the blood.

I just had to contact Svein-Magne to receive prayer. H e prayed that things would go well and that I would not be anxious about the examination and that I would relax. Again I felt a wonderful sense of peace come over me, says Inger.

Good results

-Every day during the time I was sick, I prayed the prayer of salvation on the second last page of the magazine “Legedom”. It was comforting and it gave me a sense of inner peace. I have always had my childhood faith, but that prayer instilled a closer relationship with God. We as people can be so strange. Things are going so well for us living in Norway that we think we don’t need God. I though like that, but when my life started to fall apart, I sought God honestly and earnestly.

The picture from the examination showed no signs of the cancer spreading. Inger was healed!

The last examination

Inger went back to her first doctor and together they agreed on another skeletal scan. –Having worked in the field for a good 25 years, one knows a lot about it, she says. - I had a bad and a good examination. I wanted to have another one to ensure that everything was okay. My doctor agreed.

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