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Healed from Bekhterev's Disease
When Geir Thorsen from Søgne got the incurable sickness Bekhterev's disease, it caused great challenges in his working life and otherwise in daily life. At worst he could not do anything. When Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for the sick on a television program in 1996, Geir got to experience that nothing is impossible for God.

-Now I'm shoveling snow like never before
For three years, Tore Kristoffersen (71) had a shoulder that was dysfunctional, and six doctors had given up on him. The left arm was almost lame. Also, he had a fracture in the back and pain in one hip. In December 2017 he called the prayer phone, and God gave him a Christmas present in advance.

Only God could remove the headache
For a year, Nils Mathis Persen Bals (65) from Alta lived with chronic headaches. Day and night his head ached and no doctors or medications could be of help. Finally during a meeting service with Svein-Magne Pedersen in the town of Øksfjord in 2003, the pain disappeared instantly.

The sheep farmer Bjarne was healed of arthritis!
When Bjarne Klungtveit from Nedstrand got arthritis, it became very strenous to be a sheep farmer. After several years of ailments, he was on a 90 percent disability insurance. In 2004 the arthritis disappeared after prayer, and since then he has been running after the sheep on the Hardanger plateau pain-free.

The tumor disappeared without a trace
For two years, Eva Nordstrøm (68) had a painful tumor in her back. The doctor feared it could develop into cancer. In 2013, her sister called Svein Magne Pedersen. At the next check the tumor had disappeared without a trace. In addition, the troublesome tinitus disappeared.

For almost 60 years Frank Robert Nilssen (62) suffered with migraine headaches. He had weekly pains and medicines did not help much. It affected his work-life and he was constantly on sick leave. In the summer of 2016 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen. In the time that followed Frank has been migraine-free.

The tinnitus disappeared at Miracle Saturday!
Harald Reinhardsen (78) from Flekkerøy had been bothered by tinnitus for many years, and everydaylife was therefore strenous and tiresome. In 2014, he visited Miracle Saturday in Vennesla and received prayer. Since then the grasshopper sound in the ears has been silent.

Marie was a permanent guest at the hospital
For almost ten years, Marie Sande Karlsen (87) from Oslo had severe asthma. Several times a month she had to go to the hospital for treatment. In 2007 she called Svein-Magne Pedersen and got a prayer. A shining healing changed the situation.

Ole was dependent on nasal spray
For about ten years Ole Eidem from Helle was highly dependent on nasal spray because of nasal congestion. The doctors did not want to operate, with concern that it would get worse. In 2005 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer. In the time that followed he has never used nasal spray.

Asthma and allergy disappeared in Stjørdal
For nearly 30 years Svanhild Danielsen (58) from Tonnes had severe asthma and allergies. This created major difficulties, because the family were farmers. Every day she had to take large doses of medication. After receiving prayer in Stjørdal in 2014 she has never taken medicines.

Carpenter Harald Jørgensen was healed in Levanger!
For several years Harald Jørgensen had pain in the shoulders and elbows. Life did not look blissful, and work as a carpenter was very challenging. At a meeting in Levanger in 2014 he experienced a miracle. He also received a special greeting from Jesus.

The lung cancer disappeared without a trace
When Kjellaug Seim (80) from Lindås got cancer in both lungs, there was not much the doctors could do. The chemotherapy gave her only prolongation of life and the side effects she tolerated poorly. In 2010 she called Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer, and the cancer disappeared without a trace.

The miracle in my life
Here is different stories about people who have experience healing in theire life!

Healed of serious back injury
For a long time Martinius Ingvaldsen had great back and sciatic pain. The reason was a serious back injury that the doctor would rather not operate. At a meeting with Svein-Magne in Vennesla the back was healed as he sat in the audience.

41 year old ankle injury healed at Bildøy!
Wenche Selstø ( 63 ) from Skogsvåg endured 41 years of pain in an ankle. The injury came as a result of a skiing accident at age 18. When Svein-Magne had a meeting at Bildøy in 2009, she was instantly healed.

Good hearing after TELEPHONE PRAYER
For several years Bjørg Skoklefald (81) had very poor hearing on her right ear. When she received prayer from Pedersen in February 2015 the hearing returned. -God has helped me and my family many times, she says pleased.

God opened clogged arteries
In 2014 Ruth Mikalsen (76) from Dyfjord was struck with considerable pain in the heart, and hastily she had to go to the hospital. The doctor thought it was clogged arteries and congestive heart failure. A short telephone prayer changed the situation.

Wim got two new knees!
In the course of six years, Wim Van Pelt ( 62 ) from South Audnedal had undergone seven knee surgeries. The daily pain made his life very limited. At a meeting in Geilo in 1995 he received prayer where Jesus performed the perfect operation. Later thousands of people heard his miracle story through newspapers and television.

67 years with asthma disappeared during corporate prayer!
For 67 years Kristine Sabbasen (84) from the town of Tana lived with asthma. For many years she was on medication, but life was still difficult and tiring. In 2003 she went to a meeting with evangelist Svein-Magne Pedersen, something she had never done before. There the asthma came to an end.

-What in the world has happened here?
Well over three years ago Inga Berggren Olsson (81) from Blomstermåla in Sweden had atrial fibrillation. Often her pulse was 150 and life became very tiresome. In January, she was healed after watching the television program "The Miracle is Yours." At the check-up the doctor was very shocked.

Lame arm healed on the way to the doctor
In 2000 Lars Welle (44) from the town of Sykkylven was the subject to a serious motorcycle accident. The right arm nearly became paralyzed, and he was on sick leave for many months. The doctors were very pessimistic about the future, but Lars never gave up and sought intercession as often as he could.

Cancer cyst disappered
Sonja Berg Andersen (76) had 44 radiation treatments at the hospital, but the cancer cysts would not go away. Eventually she sought intercession with Svein-Magne Pedersen. When she returned to the hospital, all the cancer was gone.

60 years with asthma disappeared momentarily
Throughout great parts of his life Lars Magne Meling (83) from Bremnes suffered with asthma. Everyday life consisted of several medications. In 2014 he phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer and was instantly healed.

Traveled from Canada to Miracle Saturday
Dr. Shivani Dass, who works as a psychotherapist, is one of those who has traveled the farthest to get to the miracle Saturday. On Saturday August 29, 2015, she made the trip from Toronto in Canada to receive prayer.

Miracles at Stadlandet
On the weekend 11.-12. April this year Svein-Magne Pedersen traveled to Stadlandet and the church Nordfjord Bibelsenter. God worked greatly in the meetings and when Pedersen returned home, there was a renewed church that was left.

-A miracle has taken place here!
For seven years May Elin Storsletten (65) from Bardu had peripheral field deficit, and double vision. When Svein-Magne prayed for her at Ringvassøy in 1994, her vision became normal. -A miracle has taken place here, the doctor said.

Facial pain disappeared
Throughout several years Thorunn Iversen (79) from Brevik was constantly attacked by intense facial pain. It proved to be the cruel disease "trigeminal neuralgia" which is considered to be amongst the most painful existing diseases. After Svein-Magne prayed for her in February, she has not been affected by the disease.

- Now I can smell flowers again!
For over six years Else Pedersen (87) from Stavanger lived without the sense of taste and smell. A great joy in life disappeared. Last summer she called Svein Magne Pedersen and received prayer, and God healed her immediately.

-Jesus set me free from panic attacks!
Aina Maria Dons Larsen (62) from Trondheim suffered seven difficult years of panic attacks. She was not saved, but cried out to God every day for help. When she finally let Jesus into her heart, she was cured of anxiety.

Prayed for knee - healed of flatfootedness!
Lill Hansen (64) from Sandnes had been flat footed on both feet her whole life. At a Miracle Saturday meeting in 2012 Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for her, and her feet got nice arches. The strange thing was that Hansen did not mention being flat footed, but had received prayer for one of her knees.

-Now I've got a new life
Bjorn Bredesen Urdahl from Gaupne in Luster had for ten years lived with Parkinson's disease and MS. Daily he used a wheelchair and crutches. When Svein-Magne prayed for the sick during the TV program "The Miracle is Yours" on Vision Norway, he got new strength in his legs. Now he can walk without crutches and is playing the piano without so much trembling hands.

- Now I can see unbelievably well!
After a severe car accident in 2008, Mary Bast (58) from Asker, has been almost blind on her right eye. In addition, she had daily headaches. When she received prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting, her vision was healed and the headaches disappeared.

Cancer tumor disappeared after prayer
In 2012 Rolf Tore Harila (43) from Bærum had a ten centimeter large tumor in his abdomen. The doctor said that he had two months left to live. Approximately twelve times he called the intercession phone, and suddenly the tumor disappeared!

From part to fully healed
Throughout the past years Kari Kvarme's vision has improved steadily. After 46 years of wearing eyeglasses, she can now see well without glasses. - There's no point in giving up until one is completely healed, she says happily.

The Miracle in my Life
Read testimonies from peoples life

Very happy with new back and healthy knees
After 44 years with knee ailments and 25 years of back pain, Knut Nerhus Hatteberg from Rosendal was healed in Odda. Now he is in great shape and very grateful for what has taken place.

Lyme disease disappeared
Berit Hagen was completely wiped out for half a year from a woodtick bite she was exposed to, and had constant pain in the hip where the infection had settled. But when she received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen at the meeting in the town of Heddal on Sunday, February 24, 2013, the ailment disappeared.

Got a death sentence - lived for 13 more years
When Gerd Resves elderly mother got pancreatic cancer in 1990, her mother had a maximum of half a year left to live. After Pedersen prayed for her the cancer disappeared, and she lived another 13 years without sickness.

-Now I'm cancer free!
In October 2013 Enok Holta (68) from Tau came to the Miracle Saturday meeting with bone cancer sitting in a wheelchair. Doctors said that he had to live with the cancer for the rest of his life, and no one knew how long he had left to live. Now he is free of cancer and is fully active.

All good things are three
Herleiv Hansen (71) from Råde received both spiritual and physical healing during a healing meeting on June 14, 2014. Firstly he was saved, and then he was healed for two different ailments, which gave him his sleep at night back.

Was healed in the audience
On April 28, 2012 Morten Løvli went to the Miracle Healing service with his wife. He did not receive prayer during the meeting, but God still healed the 20 year old neck ailment.

HEALED after 60 years with migraine headaches
At the age of nine Josè Lemus (69) from Naerbo had his first migraine attack. Since then he had weekly migraines for 60 years. At a healing meeting on August 30, 2014 the power of God came, and healed his head.

57 years of smoking ended
After 57 years of tobacco and cigarette dependency, Willy Frank Rasmussen finally was set free after a short telephone prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen.

Healed of COPD, angina, and chronic sinusitis
When it comes to head injuries, even the best doctor in the field in Europe had given up on Birger Rystad (72), but Jesus healed him within a few seconds after receiving prayer. Angina and COPD also disappeared during the meeting in Finnsnes in 2008.

- Prayer saved my life!
For over 20 years, Rune Storaas (49) from Utne was bound by alcohol, which led to his life falling apart. In October 2005 something happened regardless that changed his life.

God operated the back
Five months before the meetings in Skien the 6. -7. September 2014, Ann Karin Martila's back was destroyed badly. Everyday life was very painful, and she had difficulty walking. But then God brought out the operating knife.

-Now I chase sheep without pain
For three long years sheep farmer Edmund Øygarden (55) hobbled around with an injured ankle. The doctor had inserted eight to ten screws, and the plan was that the ankle was to be braced. After a tv prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen, Øygarden is now running in the mountains without pain.

The Miracle In My Life
Read testimonies from peoples life!

48 years of neck ailments disappeared at the Miracle Saturday meeting
Stein Engstrand (65) from Kristiansand had suffered with a painful and stiff neck since he was 17. At the Saturday miracle meeting in January 2014, God did wonders with his neck.

The miracle in my life
Read testimonies from peoples life.

-Now I am able to read for myself
When Hildur Skog got cataracts, her vision was so poor that she had to use a magnifying glass while she was reading. Eventually her daughter had to read the newspaper aloud for her. After Pedersen had prayed for her, she could read without difficulty.

The warts disappeared after TV prayer
For several years Jorunn Roghell (86) from Korgen struggled with large warts on her hands. The warts were painful and the doctors had given her up. After a TV prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen all the warts disappeared.

Johan never gave up!
Two years ago, Johan Sandberg from Eidsvåg i Romsdal got severe pain in the body due to psoriatic arthritis. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen the pain left step by step.

The success in Denmark continues
On Saturday February 22 this year Svein-Magne Pedersen visited Billund in Denmark for the third time in less than two years. Ten people sought salvation, and several were met by God's healing power.

Audio manufacturer healed of tinnitus
When audio manufacturer Kjell Birkeland (66) got tinnitus, his career was in jeopardy. The piercing beeping sound made life very difficult, but after Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for him, the hearing became normal.

Healed after 27 years of pain
For 27 years Ellen Herland lived in a painful existence with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis of the body. During the meetings in Odda the pain disappeared instantly. Now she is in fully active and free of pain.

The war against disease
Throughout the Bible we see a common thread: Disease is an enemy and not a friend. It was not commissioned by God, but a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Throughout the history of the Bible we read about the war against sickness. This war culminated with the coming of Jesus. His teachings about healing and the practice of this truth is the gold standard for us.

Set the captive free
20 years of anxiety and depression disappeared in two minutes in the church's prayer room.

The neck injury was healed after 41 years
A damaged muscle in the neck caused Klara Sand (82) from Valnesfjord to be unable to hold her head steady. After receiving prayer God gave the muscle new strength. God has become her "family doctor".

13 millimeter bone splint disappeared
For 18 years Fred Olsen had a loose bone splint in his foot, which caused severe pain. The doctors did not find what caused this, but during a meeting in Oslo in 1997 he was healed.

For more than twenty years, Margit Hofstad (89) from Trondheim suffered with atrial fibrillation daily. When she watched the program "The Miracle is Yours," she could put away the heart medicine.

My Miracle
Many people receive healing through our prayers. Here is some testimonies:

The day when everything turned around!
For 35 years, Gunnar Johnsen from Leirfjord had back pain. One day he could not get out of bed, and his wife called Svein-Magne Pedersen. Now Johnsen has been free of pain for 17 years.

Angina disappeared with the book
Thomas Hjellet (73) from the town of Heidal put the new book by Svein-Magne Pedersen, "Healing Power" across his chest before he fell asleep.When he woke up, the angina symptoms that he had had for almost 20 years were gone.

Prayer broke the craving for cigarettes
After 50 years of smoking tobacco, Harry Andersens tobacco cravings disappeared. Harry Andersen is originally from Tromsø, but for the last 30 years he had been living in Torp, between the cities Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. In his late teens he began smoking tobacco.

- Now we both have healthy lungs
In the early part of 1990, Nelly Følvik from Bodø was healed of asthma. In 2012 her husband Henry experienced the chronic bronchitis disappearing. Now they can both enjoy having healthy lungs.

Grethe's five miracles
In the last few years fibromyalgia, neckpain and cataracts have been a part of the everyday life of Grethe Marie Jakobsen from the city of Trondheim. Now she can enjoy a great eyesight and a body free of pain.

Asbjørn's back problems ended at the miracle Saturday meeting
For 36 years Asbjørn Johannessen from Jessheim struggled with back pain and a slipped disc. Neither an operation, sick leave or quantities of painkillers were of help. In 2001 he made the trip to the miracle Saturday meeting, where Jesus brought an end to the pain.

Tendontis disappeared instantaneously
Monica Løkken from Vinstra had so much pain in her wrist that she was could not even lift a cup. After close to 15 years of tendonitis, the pain disappeared instantly in 2008.

The anxiety disappeared when Remi was saved
For two years, Remi Lande (35) from Ikornes was bound by the fear of death. Psychologists and Medications became a big part of his life. But when Jesus was invited into his heart, He chased the anxiety out.

Healed of Chronic fatigue syndrom
Throughout four years Bente Anita Pilskog from Ulsteinvik struggled with the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME. Each day was an ordeal, and a lot of her everyday life went into bedresting. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen in Ulsteinvik she has both energy and her life back.

Healed from gluten intolerance
For seven years Signy Kaspersen Klepp was gluten intolerant, which sapped her of energy. At the Saturday miracle meeting she received prayer, and now she eats whatever she wants without getting sick.

Prayer stopped agonizing pain
For eight years Kyrre Nergård lived daily with constant excruciating pain. After receiving prayer in Levanger his life changed.

Healed of Fibromyalgia
After two years of daily pain and fibromyalgia, the disease disappeared when Hildur Christensen (61) went to Vennesla and received prayer.

Jesus repaired Sigrun's heart - A Great Christmas Gift
In the Christmas of 2006, Sigrun Ugedal from Roan had a heart attack, and everything looked bleak for the family. But Jesus turned the situation around and made sure they had a Christmas they would remember for life.

Healed of flat feet
Throughout his whole life Beint Håkon Hansen from Hauge i Dalane suffered with flat footedness. This caused pain in his back and legs. At the Saturday miracle meeting April 27, 2013 he was healed, and his feet formed nice arches.

Breathing normally after 20 years with asthma
During the meeting in Ulsteinvik Ruth Kongshaug could for the first time take a deep breath after twenty years with asthma. In addition, she was very happy that her husband and daughter made a decision for Jesus.

Traveled 1700 km to be healed
Håkon Vikhagen traveled over 1700 kilometers to Miracle Saturday meeting to receive prayer. Later in the evening he could walk out of the Miracle Centre in Vennesla with his crutches in his hand.

Breathing normally for the first time in 20 years
Clara Winther had struggled with asthma and breathing problems for most of her life. Every week, she had to use asthma spray. After receiving prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen on February 9 this year, she can now breathe normally.

Healed from Asthma and Allergies
For 16 years Britt Stensholt suffered with asthma. Several nights she was awakened with couching seizures and death anxiety. On the healing service «Miracle Saturday» in April, she was cured of both asthma and allergies, and does not take medicines anymore.

-Now I can read and hear well
Arild Olsen had a stroke which resulted in him having trouble reading. He also had tinnitus. In Grovfjord the power of God came and the ailments disappeared instantly.

Jesus healed Johanne's neck and head
Over the past few years, Johanne Løvseth from Meldal has experienced Jesus' healing power. The neck pain and stroke has disappeared after prayer.

TV prayer repaired Ebba's back
For 37 years Ebba Holm had pain in her back. During a TV program in 2002 the pain disappeared instantly.

Compression fracture healed
During the Christmas of 2011, Roy Olav Strand from Kjerringøy had a severe compression fracture in his back. This resulted in some paralysis, and he could hardly walk. When Svein-Magne prayed for him in Bodø, he was instantly healed and his back straightened up.

19 years of anxiety disappeared
For 19 dark years Tove Hege Engdal Studsrød struggled with depression and anxiety. During a meeting in Sandnes in 2006, she received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, and from that day she got her life back again.

No more need for walker or magnifying glass
For many years Astrid Borgan from the town of Rørvik struggled with pain in her feet when she wore shoes. Her eyesight was also poor and no glasses could be of any help. In October she made the trip to the miracle service in Bodø, a trip she has not regretted taking.

Healed after ten years of whiplash
Ten years ago, Erik Lundsgaard Madsen from Denmark was whiplashed after a car accident. On 28 April, 2012 he went to the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla and was healed. Now finally a long nightmare is over.

God unlocked Gunnar's hip
Whenever Gunnar Andersen bent down to the floor in the wrong position, his hip would end up locking itself. The pains were excruciating. But after receiving prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla on January 23, 2010, his hip has been healed.

More than 50 saved in Grovfjord, Norway!
On the weekend of June 15.-16 Svein-Magne Pedersen visited Astafjord church in the small rural community of Grovfjord, Norway. It was close to a revival where over 50 people sought salvation.

Healed through the TV screen
For four years, Mette Aanensen (73) was unable to bend her left arm. The doctors had given up on her, and daily life was problematic. When she watched the TV program The Miracle is Yours , the situation turned around.

God healed the eyes of Ann Marit
Ann Marit Furuholt (57) from Ballangen struggled with a blurry vision for six years due to macular edema. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, the ailment disappeared. Her optician has confirmed this.

Healed from ulcerative colitis
A woman from Østfold had for several years suffered from ulcerative colitis and was taking several types of medication. When she called Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer the bleeding stopped. The doctor did not understand much of what had happened.

-I have never been so happy before
For several years Kirsti Toralfdotter Lind from Øksnes suffered with enormous pain in her hip. Moving about was a terrible struggle and she was eventually put on a disability pension. When she called Svein-Magne, she got a surprise from Jesus.

Neurologist: - This is impossible!
When one of Kirsten Frantzens neck arteries was 75 percent clogged, her only option was surgery. She therefore phoned Svein-Magne and received prayer. When she had her next check-up performed, the artery was fully open.

-God healed my back
For a long time Jan Vestergaard had pain in his back due to a 3.5 centimeters slipped disc. But a text message from a friend, led him to attending the meeting in Billund, Denmark, where he was healed.

Healed from eight ailments
Kamla Masih came to the healing weekend in the city of Bodø in Norway with altogether eight ailments. After the meetings, she was rid of all diseases and now feel like a new person.

Unni was healed in the stomach through the TV
Since April 2012, Jesus Heals Ministries has been broadcasting the television program "The Miracle is Yours" in Canada. Every Sunday night Canadians from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west can take in the message of Jesus' saving and healing power. Unni Ingbre in the city of Langley in Canada tried the TV- method after a month of tremendous pain.

26 years of arthritis disappeared.
For 26 years Emilia Ryggetangen from Fiskum had struggled with great pains due to fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. After a phone call to Svein Magne Pedersen in 2006, all these ailments disappeared.

Free from eating disorders
When Raymond Eriksen (25) was in his second year of high school, he lost almost 30 kg in weight due to anorexia and bulimia. But when his mother called Svein-Magne requesting prayer for Raymond, it was as if someone flicked on a switch.

Ingvar was a frequent guest at the hospital
Ingvar had 22 allergies, asthma, bronchitis, COPD and angina. He was dependent on a breathing machine every morning, and he was on regularily transported to the emergency unit at the hospital, because of breathing difficulties. But God moved, when he sought intercession with Svein-Magne.

Svein Magne's first miracle
The first healing Svein-Magne experienced when praying for someone, happened when he prayed for his wife's sister. Grethe Jacobsen was instantly healed of flat feet when she was 19 years old, and she still thanks God for the miracle, 40 years later.

Family of three healed from whiplash
In 2002, the lives of Wenche Pedersen and her family turned upside down when they all were injured in a tragic car accident. After having suffered nine years of whiplash symptoms, they experienced having the symptoms disappear momentarily during a meeting in Kasfjord Baptist Church, Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Healed from anointed handkerchief
Jan Helge Jacobsen has great faith in the power of a prayercloth. Twenty years ago, the brother-in-law of his wife was healed by wearing a handkerchief that Svein-Magne had prayed over and anointed.

Doctors had given up on her
According to the doctors it is incomprehensible that Laila Vassbø (67) is still living. She was miraculously healed of cancer when Svein-Magne prayed for her in 2003, and is as of today declared well after a number of check-ups at the hospital.

26 years of pain disappeared
In 1986 Anne Sylte crushed her ankle when she jumped from the second story of a burning house. After seven surgeries and 26 painful years she is now pain free and can go for long walks without problems.

Thanking God for Healing Chronic Fatigue
Ailin de Jager had for ten years suffered from a severe case of Chronic Fatigue. Her life was totally changes after having gone to Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer.

Was healed of flat feet and impaired vision
Inger Hilde had problems walking because she had flat feet, and her vision was foggy. But when the healing meeting was over at the Baptist church in the city of Porsgrunn in Norway, she could walk quickly and read without reading glasses.

Gerd Threw Away her Crutches.
Finally after seven years of knee pain, Gerd Gjengaar was able to toss her crutches. Friends and family are now wondering what happened to the crutches.

I have a new life
After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne, Monica Maureira was able to put away the painkillers, cancel the scheduled hip operation and the back pain she had is gone. She can now move around in different directions without pain

From Spain to Steinkjer, Norway to be healed
Erik and Torid Hugsten made the journey from Malaga in Spain to the small city of Steinkjer in Norway to receive prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen. Torid was healed from gastric catarrh, reflux and arthritis pain in her neck. Erik was healed of nerve damage to his knee that had bothered him for twelve years.

Ronny got his eyesight back
This summer Ronny tossed his cane on the bonfire at the midsummer celebration. It has been of great help in the last four years since he was blind so to speak. But when Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for him, he got his sight back.

Jesus Healed me from COLD (Chronic Obstructive Lung disease)
The diagnosis Kristine Kittelsen (65) had received was crushing! The sickness was COLD, a disease that would soon end her life, but she was miraculously healed after Svein-Magne prayed for her.

He was just going to pick up someone
Paul Saur had no plans of attending Svein-Magne Pedersen’s meeting in the city of Steinkjer on February 8, 2009, but was willing to be a chauffeur for three others. When he came to pick them up he was in for an unexpected surprise.

The cancer was killing me
In 1994 the doctors discovered that Charlotte Holmlimo (65) had 7-8 cancer lumps in her back. Death was knocking on her door.

Police officer healed while he was doing radar control
Police officer Harald Ruud received prayer for his crooked and painful back while he was doing radar control outside the offices of Svein-Magne Pedersen. He was instantly healed.

55 years of pain are gone
Marie Gerhardsen (87) has had asthma for the greater part of her life. At a meeting in the city of Sandnes she was prayed for by Svein-Magne Pedersen. The sickness left her! I can walk, I can breathe, there is nothing that I cannot do. I have a new life, she says with laughter and joy.

I am the happiest person on earth
A few years ago Jorun (58) who was receiving disability benifits wanted to end her life. Her back and knee pains made her existance a nightmare. Today this lady from the province of Hedmark in Norway is crying tears of joy over everything she is now able to do.

The tumour disappeared after prayer
On January 23 this year Anne Marie Haddal had the shock of her life. The X-ray picture from the hospital in Mo i Rana, Norway showed a 2 cm wide tumour in her pancreas. The doctor informed her that it was more than likely cancer.

Life Changed at Oslo Central Station
”Can you pray for me?” A worn out drug addict asked Svein-Magne as he walked by. «I free you in the name of Jesus,» Svein-Magne said and patted him on the shoulder. Right outside the train station in Oslo the change began in Carl Fredrick Müller’s life. With a past as a criminal and drug addict, Carl Fredrik has regained his freedom. Today he is a soldier in The Salvation Army where he works at helping others who are addicted to drugs.

Free From Pain
At the age of six Gerd Sjursen (58) was in a tragic car accident. Since then she had to live with pain and suffering. She was healed at the meeting at the Pentecostal church in the city of Sandnes April 16 this year. Evangelist Svein-Magne Pedersen was preaching and praying for the sick at the meeting. Since then she has been well.

Healed by Watching TV!
The TV program «Holmgang» on October 5 gave Else Ekeberg a chance to win a prize that can not be won in the lottery: she was healed of wear and tear in the hip! Right through the three year old silver gray Grundig TV set came Gods healing power. It was Svein-Magne Pedersen's 30 second long prayer that chased the pains away. Two years of various pains was over!

God Healed the Music-Professor
She had to quit her music career after she broke an arm on the dance floor in a restaurant in Kristiansand, Norway, in October 1998. But all hope was not gone for the wellknown music-professor. July 22, 2004 became an important day for Margaret Beresford from England, who now lives at Hægeland in Norway.

Here is her story.

Cissilie Experienced Gods Power
For four years Cissilie Skogly (32) from the town of Leknes has been bothered by pain in her neck, shoulders and in the muscles of her arms. The doctors assumed that it could be fibromyalgia. The pains had prevented her from working as much as she wanted to.

Healed of Bechterews Disease
Bechtetews disease is a sickness/ailment that there is no medical cure for according to research, but Geir Thorsen, the SAS plane steward was able to experience that it is possible to get healed. He was healed when Svein-Magne prayed for the sick on the talk show «Lønning direkte» in 1996.

Healed for Weaksightedness
Siw-Nina Sjursen (22) From the city of Sandnes in Norway has struggled with a poor vision her whole life. This is a condition she was born with, and it made her school and work life very difficult for her. Four years ago her her mother Gerd Sjursen, phoned Svein-Magne who prayed for Siw-Nina's eye condition. Ever since Siw-Nina's vision has been good.

Gerds ankle was healed
Gerd Håland had for many years suffered from a sore ankle. On April 16 last year she came to a healing meeting in the Pentecostal church in Sandnes, Norway, where Svein-Magne was praying for sick people. She was hoping for a miracle.

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