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Ronny got his eyesight back

Ronny Stormark
This summer Ronny tossed his cane on the bonfire at the midsummer celebration. It has been of great help in the last four years since he was blind so to speak. But when Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for him, he got his sight back.

-I am overjoyed. I feel like I have been given my life back again, says the forty year old from the town of Fjell on the island of Sotra.

Four years ago Ronny was prescribed some very vital medicines that had fatal consequences. The substances affected his eyesight, which had been up until then been perfect. In the course of a few months he became next to blind. The other option other than taking the medicines was having a risky operation that he did not want to go through. Regardless, the report from the doctors was that even if he stopped taking the medicines, the chances of him regaining his sight were definitely not certain. He saw very little hope.

He was still able to live alone.

-I was so stubborn that I managed on my own even though it was difficult, he says.

With a ski pole that served as his stick he was able to find his way around. If he held a shopping list with large letters right up to his nose, he could barely read it. The store clerks were helpful, but the shopping trips took what seemed like forever, he felt.

Tingling sensation in the eyes

When Ronny’s mother heard that Svein-Magne Pedersen was going to have a meeting at Bildøy on June 21 at a summer conference, she was anxious to attend the meeting.

-I went to the meeting with my mother because nobody else wanted to go with her. I really did not want to go, but I did it for her, Ronny tells. He thought it was too optimistic of him to think that any change in his eye sight could take place.

The meeting was drawn out. Ronny was tired and wanted to go home. He was about to go home just before it was his turn to receive prayer. It was a good thing he didn't. At one o'clock in the morning he was prayed for.

-Svein-Magne laid his fingers on my eyes and prayed. Immediately I felt that something happened. I felt a tingling sensation in my eyes and I didn't know what it was.


On Monday morning he got up and got ready to go to the store as something he did habitually without thinking anything of it. As usual he brought his stick with him, but as he was walking he noticed that he wasn't using it. He didn't need it anymore!

-Suddenly I noticed that I had gotten enough vision to find my way around. In the course of the next few days I was gradually regaining my vision, and after a few days my vision was as good as it was before. It cannot be explained, it is undoubtedly a miracle, he says.

Vision better than before

-I cried tears of joy for days when I had gotten my vision back. I thanked God and I was so happy. Vision is very crucial to a human person, and now I can see clearly again. Now I can read even the smallest print. He has since then been to both his doctor and optician to have his eyesight tested. The result he was given was that his vision was better now than it was four years ago before he started having problems with his vision. He is less farsighted that he was before.

Came back to The Lord

When Ronny got his sight back, he rededicated his life to the Lord.

-I was a Christian before, but I became so discouraged and bitter over having lost my vision that I lost my faith. At the meeting I did not go forward when Svein-Magne gave an invitation for people to receive salvation, but when my vision came back I rededicated my life to the Lord. I could no longer deny God.

The ski pole that had functioned as a cane, I tossed on the bonfire at the midsummer celebration. The staff at the store I shop at heard of the good news.

-They think it's fantastic, Ronny says smiling.

He is also happy to be able to work again.

-I work in the forest chopping wood. Two months ago that would be impossible for me to do. I have even picked berries and I have no problem seeing the difference between the red and green berries, something that was impossible with my vision being foggy, he says.

-I hope that what I have experienced can inspire others to go to a meeting and experience something similar to what I have experienced, he says.

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