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62 years of pain disappeared

Arm Strength: Look how strong I am. I could not do this before I was healed, says Martin Svensli. He had pain in his arm for 62 years and struggled when lifting his arm over his head.
When Magnus Svensli was 15 years of age, he hurt his upper arm. 62 years later the pain disappeared during a healing service in May, 2011. Now he lifts his arm like never before.

When Magnus Svensli (77) was a teenager he started working on machines on a large ship. He worked 17 months in the engine room on a ship that shipped herring between the city of Bergen in Norway and England. One evening he had to go topside of the ship to help the rest of the crew in lifting a life boat unto the ship deck. It was very cold and the deck was icy. After the task was done, he went down the stairway back to the engine room. Because of the slippery surface, he slipped and hit his right arm badly. This led to a long life of pain.

-I was in pain, but did not do anything about it. Even though it was uncomfortable I still kept moving on, Magnus says.

Could not shake hands

At the age of 18, he joined the marines. The physical work was not of the most strenous sort, and Magnus was able to perform the different tasks. He still found it a challenge as a result of the damage in his upper arm.

-I was having problems shaking hands. Every time the others lifted their hand to greet the officers, I had to fling my arm in order to raise it. Often I had to fling my arm many times. And it all became comical, something that led to me being exempt from shaking hands.

Magnus Svensli had also studied to become an electrician and continued to work on various ships that sailed around thye world. With this he became one of Norway's youngest electricians that had worked at sea.

-After seven years at sea and three years in Australia, I had otherwise worked in Norway. I used my arm a lot, and was constantly feeling the pain, but I had never had any doctor look at my upper arm.

Chopped wood

After a long life and 62 years of pain, Magnus brother invited him to a healing service with Svein-Magne Pedersen.

-My brother knew about Svein-Magne Pedersen and subscribed to the magazine «Legedom». I was therefore with my brother one Saturday in May, 2011. When Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for me, I did not feel anything in particular, but suddenly I could raise my hand. It all happened so fast and it was very special.

During the next healing service on August 27, 2011 he testified about what God had done. In front of the whole congregation he lifted an office chair over his head, to demonstrate how well his upper arm functioned.

-I could not do this before. The next evening after the healing service I went out and chopped wood all throughout the night. I had so much strength and it was fantastic to be able to use my arm without feeling pain. God is good, Magnus Svensli happily concludes.

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