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26 years of arthritis disappeared.

OUT FOR A WALK: -I got a new start, a new opportunity. I am so happy, says Emilia Ryggetangen from Darbu in Buskerud.
For 26 years Emilia Ryggetangen from Fiskum had struggled with great pains due to fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. After a phone call to Svein Magne Pedersen in 2006, all these ailments disappeared.

Emilia comes from a family where many suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Both her parents were diagnosed with this sickness and both herself and her nine siblings inherited this disease. In the first thirty years of her life she noticed very little to the Psoriatic Arthrites, but eventually the pain came sneaking up.

-When I was around 35 years old, the doctors began trying to figure out what I suffered from, but it was not until ten years later that I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Emilia worked regularily in a restaurant kitchen. Eventually, what she managed to do became more limited.

-I started feeling pain in all the joints of my body and I lost strength in my muscles. Eventually, I could not slice bread or even wring up a rag. I ended up on a disability pension.

In her house, she was not able to do much. Every time she exerted herself, she was exhausted and had to lie down. Several nights she was so restless that she had to lie down in an easy chair in the living room to avoid waking her husband.

-I had pain in both the small and large joints in the body. Throughout many years of my life I had been very fond of knitting, but this I had to give up. I was afraid to lift things in fear of dropping them, and I have lost count of how many cups that broke because the muscles in my fingers failed.

Emilia says that her system reacted when the weather changed. Every time it was either raining or snowing, she had a hard time getting out of bed. She was constantly at the doctor's office, where she received a variety of medications, but nothing helped.

-I used so many tablets that I developed ulcers. Twice I thought I had a heart attack, but it turned out to be ulcers due to overuse of tablets.

Got a tip to call

Emilia was a Christian and believed both in prayer and healing. She had been prayed for over the years by many people, but the prayers had not yet been answered. Still she never gave up. One December day in 2006 she came in contact with an older friend who advised her to call Svein-Magne Pedersen. She had never heard of him before.

-My friend told me that she had cancer in the stomach, and Pedersen had prayed for her, and the cancer disappeared. I did not doubt her testimony, and I decided to try, although I was a bit skeptical. When I called I did not notice any change in particular in my body, but I thought that now God could take care of the rest.

The day after Emilia experienced that her body felt so light. She really wondered what this could be. Her husband also noticed that she was in such a good mood. The days passed and her body was constantly getting better. After three weeks, all the pain was gone.

-I was so happy and I cleaned the entire house while I was singing and praising God. My husband was almost worried that I would exert myself too much, and asked me to take it easy. I managed to prepare for Christmas and had a visit from the whole family. I had not managed to do that before.

Walked twenty kilometers

Emilia's husband gave her walking sticks for Christmas. In the days between Christmas and New Years she decided therefore to go for a little walk. But Emilia walked and walked. In the onset, she had planned to go for a short walk, but it ended up being a walk of 20 kilometers!

-My husband was getting worried. He thought I was standing on the side of the road and could not manage to go home. It was amazing, because I was not tired. Before my feet became swollen after a hundred meters, but now I was in great shape, she says.

In the years that followed, Emilia never noticed any symptoms of psoriatic arthritis or fibromyalgia. She has not taken a single painkiller since that December day in 2006. Emilia has also received documentation from the doctor that she is healed from the incurable psoriatic arthritis.

-One day when I was at the doctor, and was going to have a blood test, I asked them to test me for arthritis. When the results came back, it showed zero impact. My healing is not about any placebo. A placebo effect does not last for seven years, and you can not imagine youself well from a disease like arthritis. God is greater than placebo, says Emilia who advises everyone to not give up if they are still sick. God heals just as much today as 2,000 years ago. Never give up, for God hears prayer.

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