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God healed the eyes of Ann Marit

EYE AILMENT DISAPPEARED: Here Svein-Magne Pedersen is praying for Ann Marit Furuholt for healing from macular edema.
Ann Marit Furuholt (57) from Ballangen struggled with a blurry vision for six years due to macular edema. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, the ailment disappeared. Her optician has confirmed this.

The problem started in 2007 when Ann Marit noticed gray clouds appearing before her right eye that were like shadows blocking her view. She was examined by having a contrast X-ray performed. The eye doctor confirmed that there was a leakage from a blood vessel in the eye. Macula is the name of the area of the eye that regulates the sharp vision, and a fluid retention called edema, had developed in this area.

Blurred vision

After a while the gray clouds disappeared from her view, but the blurriness on her vision continued. Four years later, she got the same problem in the left eye also. It was this eye that ended up being mostly affected. The doctors were unable to give her any prognosis for the chances of getting better. In some cases the eyes heal over time, in other cases the sickness remains. If the condition worsened, they would offer her laser surgery, but there was no certainty that her vision would be fully restored this way either.

Ann Marit struggled a lot with headaches, because the muscles surrounding the eyes were overworked from trying to focus. It was especially difficult in well-lit rooms, because her eyes had become more light intolerant than before. This made everyday life in her profession as a biochemist challenging.

-I work at the doctor's office in the community, with computer screens and good lighting in every room, and it has been exhausting, she says.

Instantly healed

Ann Marit and her husband are soldiers in the Salvation Army in the city of Narvik, and when Elim Pentecostal Church was going to arrange meetings with Svein-Magne Pedersen in the town of Ballangen on April 13 and 14, they set up as volunteers. Ann Marit was the usher and stood in the doorway, welcoming the meeting participants. Late Sunday night, it was her turn to receive prayer.

-At first I did not notice anything in particular when he prayed for me. Then he prayed again, and the second time around, my left eye began to hurt on the inside. It felt like a pressure on the eye. When I mentioned this to him, he prayed for me for a third time. Then the pain and the pressure on the eye stopped, and the discomfort disappeared, she said.

As soon as she opened her eyes after receiving prayer, she thought everyting seemed so much clearer. After spending a few minutes getting her eyes accustomed to the light, she had no doubt that something had happened. Suddenly she could easily read posters on the wall.

Confirmed by optician

Two weeks later she says that she no longer has the constant headaches, because she does not need to over-exert the eyes in order to focus. She also says that she has been to an optician for an examination.

-The optician said that there are no traces of macular edema in my eyes. I told him I had received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen. He said he believed in such things, and that another woman who had an appointment earlier that same day, also had told him that she had been healed at Svein-Magne's meetings in Ballangen.

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