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Healed from ulcerative colitis

ULCERATIVE COLITIS: For six years, a woman from Østfold (not the person in the photo) was suffering from bleeding and had abdominal pain due to ulcerative colitis. In 2009, she was healed when she called the prayerline. Illustration photo: Wave Break Media / Shutterstock.com
A woman from Østfold had for several years suffered from ulcerative colitis and was taking several types of medication. When she called Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer the bleeding stopped. The doctor did not understand much of what had happened.

The 87-year-old woman we are talking to does not want to come forward using her name, because of familial reasons, but emphasizes that many people know her story.

-In 2003, I started getting pains in my stomach. I often had to run to the toilet and was bleeding a lot from the intestines. I had never been bothered with this before, and I eventually went to the doctor. He transferred me to have an extensive examination. The doctors found multiple ulcers in the intestine, and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, she says.

This is a superficial inflammation of the colon which causes ulceration and bleeding. Each year, about 600 Norwegians get this disease. It is estimated that 15,000-20,000 Norwegians suffer from the disease.

-I had pain in my stomach daily, and I started to take tablets, but they only helped intermittently. Everydaylife was very troublesome, and I had to stay away from a variety of foods. I did not tolerate meat and fresh food very much, instead I had to stick to crackers and toast.

Eventually, she was also afraid that she might have cancer. The reason was that she had some ulceration of the colon that stood out from the other lesions. One day in 2009 she called Svein-Magne and received prayer. She did not feel anything in particular, but in the days that followed she was quickly getting better. The abdominal pain disappeared, and the bleeding stopped.

One month later, she had a re-examination performed at the hospital. It was an examination performed with a colonoscopy. The doctor at the hospital was very surprised when she did not find any lesions.

-I see that you have had the disease before, but I can not see any lesions. There is no indication of cancer either. I do not know what has happened, she said, in shock.

-I know, the woman replied happily.

The doctor told her that she did not need to get check-ups anymore. She was to stop taking medication. It is now four years ago since she was healed.

-I have not had any pain since I received prayer. Now I eat all kinds of food with ease. All glory to God, she says.

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