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19 years of anxiety disappeared

FREE: Tove-Hege Engdal Studsrød became healed from anxiety.
For 19 dark years Tove Hege Engdal Studsrød struggled with depression and anxiety. During a meeting in Sandnes in 2006, she received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, and from that day she got her life back again.

Tove-Hege Engdal Studsrød grew up in the municipality of Solund in outer Sognefjorden. Because of a challenging childhood, she had a mental reaction that would really have an impact on her life.

-It all started one day when I was 15 years old. I was alone at home when suddenly something happened that is hard to explain. It was as if something came over me. I felt as if I went inside myself, and lived in a separate world inside my body. It was as if I was living in a shell and the outside world was gone.

Tove-Hege was very scared and desperate. The nasty condition persisted, and she realized that something had to be wrong. She went to the doctor and psychologist, but they did not understand much about the situation, but thought it was a form of anxiety. Tove-Hege occasionally had some good periods, but the anxiety kept coming back.

Dark hole

A few years later she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Unfortunately, the situation evolved and worsened, and the nights were especially horrible.

-When I lay down at night, it felt like my body waned down into a black hole, but I never reached the bottom. I was afraid, and at times it was so awful that I had to get up to call the emergency number for emergency help. They could not do much, but gave me practical advice on how I could calm myself down. I was so desperate that I hyperventilated and sometimes I had to have a bag over my head to do breathing exercises.

Tove-Hege says that some of the attacks could last for several days before she could get a somewhat better period. At worst, she sometimes wanted to jump out the window.

-I started thinking about ending my life, and often I wanted to do it eventually, because life was terrible. Sometimes I would just disappear without telling anyone. A small thing could get me to escape from the house and from reality. Sometimes my husband had to go out at night looking for me, because I had disappeared.

Shied away from people

Tove-Hege tried going to a psychologist, but this did not help. In her most intense periods she used tablets to calm her body down.

-It went relatively smoothly at work, because I worked in a store, and it was so hectic that the day went by faster. Still, I was on sick leave several times. In my private life, however, it was much worse. Then I prefered not meeting people, and I hated to be in family gatherings and visiting people.

Out into freedom

In 1997, she moved to Stavanger, where they still live. In the autumn of 2006, Tove-Hege was told that Svein-Magne Pedersen was going to have miracle meetings at the church Klippen in Sandnes. She then decided to attend in hopes that anxiety and depression could disappear.

-There were many people and the meeting was long, but finally it was my turn. When Pedersen put his hand on my chest and prayed, I felt a burning heat. Suddenly the anxiety disappeared and it was as if my body was opened, and I could go out by myself as free. I got chills on my back and my neck hairs stood up. It was an amazing experience. As I sat down in my seat, my chest was completely red from the heat from the intercession, and the people who sat next to me commented on it as well.

Tove-Heges 13 year old son was also at the meeting. He saw immediately that a change had occurred and he could enjoy getting a new mother back. At the same time he was healed of stomach problems that he had struggled with for years.

-After receiving prayer in 2006, life has been brand new and can not be compared with my life before. Now I can sleep well without problems. People notice that something has taken place. Now they think I am more bubbly and cheerful. Thank God that He intervened and set me free, says Tove-Hege.

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