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Healed from Asthma and Allergies

Several nights a week Britt Stensholt woke up with coughing fits and fear of dying. Throughout her whole life she had struggled with severe allergies. -After 16 years with asthma and over sixty years of allergies, I am now fully recovered, she says pleased.
For 16 years Britt Stensholt suffered with asthma. Several nights she was awakened with couching seizures and death anxiety. On the healing service «Miracle Saturday» in April, she was cured of both asthma and allergies, and does not take medicines anymore.

16 years ago, Britt Stensholt started working for a nursery school in Tønsberg. During the day there was a lot of dishwashing, and Britt would often fill and empty the dishwasher. She was very much exposed to a strong dishwashing detergent, which impacted her health.

-I inhaled this substance every day, which led to asthma. My breathing was heavy for one year, until I went to the doctor. He sent me to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with asthma, Britt says.

AllergiesDeath Anxiety

At the hospital they wanted to use Britt as "guinea pig" in relation to different medications.Every day she took two to three tablets, and every night she had to use an inhaler. In addition, she also used an instrument for measuring the the progress along the way.

-Everyday life was very tiring. My breathing was heavy, and it was hard to walk up hills. I often had to stop to catch my breath. Several nights a week I had coughing fits where I felt like I was choking. I had to sit up in bed to regain my breath. I was terrified and thought I was going to die. It was absolutely terrible, she says

The doctor was shocked

Britt had on several occasions visited the healing services held on a some Saturdays in Vennesla. Previously she had been healed of flat feet. She was sure that God could heal her. When Svein Magne Pedersen prayed for her, she felt that something was happening.

-It felt as if cold air streamed into my lungs, and suddenly it was like they were opened. I also had mucus in my lungs, and it disappeared instantly.

One month later, Britt went to the doctor. Here she asked him if he could do an asthma test. He used a breathing machine and he listened to her. When he was finished, he was very shocked, and asked if she believed in healing. She did in fact not have asthma.

-My answer to him was that I believed in prayer, and told him what had happened. Since that day I have not used the medication, because the doctor said I could stop. I am so happy, and it is the best thing that has ever happened with me. I sleep well every night and I enjoy life, says Britt Stensholt happily.

The allergy disappeared

On the the healing service that took place on Saturday June 9, Britt also experienced a health transformation. For a great deal of her life she had struggled with pollen allergy. It all started when she as a child lived on a farm. Here she constantly noticed the allergy, especially when working with hay in the barn. It was first in the early 70's that Britt took an allergy test at the doctor. It went to show that she was allergic to or, hazel and birch pollen.

-At times I was very sick. My head ached as my eyes watered and my nose was runny. At times I had to stay inside, even though the weather oustide was nice. I attached a nets on the windows, so I could have it open at night. One time I was so sick that the doctor had to come to our house. My face and eyes swelled up so much that I could hardly see. Then I was terrified of becoming blind, she says.

Britt had also struggled with nasal congestion, which led to a lot of colds and discomfort. In June, she again went to Vennesla to be attend the healing service on Saturday. When Pedersen prayed for her, she felt her nose opening up, and she could inhale/breathe normally. Since then her nose had functioned as it should. A few weeks later she made an appointment with a doctor to take a new allergy test. The test showed no signs of allergies, and the doctor wondered if she really had ever had allergies.

-In the time after, I had not noticed signs of allergies. I can enjoy myself outside without being bothered by having a runny nose and watering eyes. I feel the joy just bursting out of me, for God is so great that healed me, she said happily.

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