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Healed from gluten intolerance

HEALED OF GLUTEN INTOLERANCE: Every time Signy Kaspersen Klepp ate or touched food with gluten in it, she got sick. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen at the Saturday miracle meeting in 2013, she could eat whatever she wanted without getting sick.
For seven years Signy Kaspersen Klepp was gluten intolerant, which sapped her of energy. At the Saturday miracle meeting she received prayer, and now she eats whatever she wants without getting sick.

In 2006 Signy Kaspersen from Klepp in Rogaland started reacting negatively to certain foods. She went to see the doctor, and she eventually found out that it was gluten allergy.

-I was not amongst the worst cases, but I was often tired, had little energy, and eventually I started getting abdominal pain. When it was at its worst, I had to lie down. It was also a mental strain, she said.

When she would bake cakes, and her hands touched flour, she was also tired. It was also awkward when she went out to eat with friends because she always had to avoid gluten.

Received prayer

On August 31, 2013 she made the trip to the miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla. Signy had heard about Svein-Magne Pedersen before and knew that he prayed for the sick.

-When I went forward for prayer, it was not because of the gluten allergy, but something entirely different. I did not even mention the food problems to Pedersen.

A few days later a doctor from the hospital in the city of Stavanger called. He had been tasked by NAV to make a report. Signy had in fact applied for basic benefits from NAV to cover additional expenses for gluten-free food.

-The doctor told me to eat some food with gluten over a week, so that he could write a report about my reactions. I really dreaded this, because I knew how the body would react.

Taken off the sick leave list

Signy still did as the doctor said, and went grocery shopping. She ate and enjoyed herself all week, but had no negative reactions.

-It was absolutely incredible, and I did not understand it. Then I suddenly remembered that I had received prayer at the center in Vennesla. Something must have happened then, because only a week before the miracle Saturday meeting, I had eaten a little bit of a cake that I could not tolerate. I vas very sick then, but now my body did not react, she says happily.

Today Signy eats normal food and enjoys herself. When the doctor contacted her again, she told about her body reacting normaly. One week later she got a letter from the health authorities, calling off the basic benefits application, since she was healthy now.

-I thought that maybe I should answer the letter and explain the reason. Now they at least are saving the money, Signy says laughingly.

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