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The anxiety disappeared when Remi was saved

FREE: Remi Lande, was bound by the fear of death.
For two years, Remi Lande (35) from Ikornes was bound by the fear of death. Psychologists and Medications became a big part of his life. But when Jesus was invited into his heart, He chased the anxiety out.

Remi Lande grew up in Levanger, but now lives in Sykkylven in Møre and Romsdal. Up until he was 25 years of age he had a good life without great ailments. Next to his job, a lot of time went into computer games or partying with his friends. He did not give Jesus and God much thought.

One summer day in 2004 he was on a roadtrip in Verdal by Stiklestad Church. Then something awful happened that changed the next year of his life. He even remembers the experience in detail.

-I sat behind the wheel in my car, and suddenly I got some painful thoughts. At that same moment I was seized with a violent panic attack. My heart started beating fast and I had to stop the car at a gas station and call for an ambulance, said Remi.

The paramedics thought he had gotten heart problems, since his heart rate was over 200 beats. Eventually he was sent to a doctor. He understood that Remi had had an anxiety attacks and gave him medication that would get him to relax. The next years were difficult for Remi.

Afraid of dying

The worst part of the experience was that the anxiety did not go away. At times he was on sick leave or had to go home from work when the anxiety attacks became too strong. Remi struggled with many negative thoughts, especially about death.

-I usually say that I had a fear of death. I feared death and thought that I would die a painful death. It made me very upset about life. I was constantly thinking of checking myself into a psychiatric hospital, but also to end my life.There was no point in living such a life.

Remi says that the anxiety attacks became so strong that he sometimes had to be driven to Levanger Hospital, where they examined the heart rhythm. He went regularly to the psychologist and used antidepressive medications.

-The medicine caused me to gain weight. I gained 66 lbs, and weighed over 220 lbs while I was sick. It was sad, but I needed the tablets to be able to sleep and function in everyday life. Life was terrible.

Met Jesus

Remi had never had any relationship with God or faith. His mother was a Christian and went to church, but he considered himself to be an atheist.

-I did not believe in God, and did not care so much about faith. In addition, I loved to party and had no relationship with the Christian communities.

November 5, 2006 was regardless a day that would change his life. Remi went with his mother, Aina Maria Larsen, to a meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen in Røros. His mother had also struggled with panic attacks earlier in life, and was so sick that she did not even dare to leave the bedroom. Amazingly enough, she managed to get to a meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen in Stjørdal Mission Church in 1998. There she was momentarily free of anxiety when she accepted Jesus. Larsen has also come forward with her testimony in the magazine (Healing No.1 2000)

-I went along to the meeting with a little hope that something could happen. It is difficult to explain what happened at the meeting, but Pedersen preached the gospel very simply. The Bible says faith comes by hearing, and that was what happened with me. I experienced getting a strong faith in Jesus and I accepted Him that evening. This I have not regretted, and I got a peace within.

The anxiety disappeared

Besides getting saved Remi understood what Jesus did on the cross with regards to the anxiety.

-I realized that Jesus died for me and took upon himself my anxiety. Now, I did not need to have it anymore. He had given me his peace. After that day, I did not take another tablet for anxiety.

When I returned home, I began to read God's word, since I needed spiritual food. I dagene etter slapp angsten mer og mer. In the days following days the anxiety let go more and more.When he felt uneasiness, he lay down on the floor and read God's word. After a couple of weeks, all symptoms had disappeared. He also lost weight amazingly quickly. and in a matter of weeks he had lost 66 lbs.

-The reactions were different amongst my family and friends. I lost many friends because I got saved, but some saw the change that had happened with me.

What would you say to those struggling with anxiety?

Fill yourself with the Word of God. The Bible tells us to take negative thoughts into captivity. Jesus also says, "Let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God and believe in me." And if you are not saved, receive him as Lord and Savior!

BEFORE:This is what Remi looked like before he was saved in 2007. The anxiety medication caused him to gain 66 lbs, where he ended up weighing more than 220 lbs. The picture was taken in 2006.

AFTER: Today Remi Lande (35) from Ikornes can enjoy life saved and free. For two years he struggled with fear of death, but Jesus got rid of the the fear of dying. The picture was taken just before he was saved in 2007.

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