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Svein-Magne Pedersen
President of
Jesus Heals Ministries

My Miracle

Many people receive healing through our prayers. Here is some testimonies:

Was rid of cell abnormalities through Legende Dråper.

My daughter got cancer in one breast first. The doctors removed it surgically. Afterwards they noticed that she had cell changes in the pelvic area. She came to think of laying her hand on your hand in the book Legende Dråper. For ten minutes she held her hand against yours. Then she felt her hand getting warm. When my daughter came for a new examination the doctors found out that she no longer had cell abnormalities.

Stomach Problems

For one year I was plagued with severe stomach pains. The doctor found out that I had an infection in my intestines. I received a prayer cloth from you before I got penicillin from the doctor. I put it on my stomach in the morning. Throughout the day the stomach ache disappeared. I recovered and did not need to take the penicillin treatment.

Urinary Incontinence

My 80 year old sister had urinary incontinence. It did not help to change pads because it flowed from her. For several years she endured this painful ailment. Half a year ago, she called you for prayer. After she received prayer, she was healed.

Inflammation of the left hip

Four weeks ago I phoned for prayer for my painful left hip. For three years I walked around with constant hip pain. It was worst was at night. The hip pain went up towards the back and down the leg. Many times I went for treatment at the physiotherapist, where I ran on the treadmill every time. The doctor gave me painkillers. But nothing helped. I just had to wait and see what the doctor and physiotherapist said. Four weeks ago I called you for prayer. The same day the pain in the hip disappeared. After a few days, the pain in the knee and thigh disappeared. I am very grateful for the help that God gave me.

Smoked for 51 years

I started smoking at the age of ten. In 2000, you were preaching at a meeting in Bodø. This was where you prayed for me. You told me that my wife had to hide my tobacco, which she did. But it was God who gave me strength to quit smoking after 51 years as a slave to nicotine.

Irregular heartrhythm

Four years ago I had an irregular heartbeat. My heart skipped and did not follow a normal rhythm. It could pause a few seconds between beats. «Feel my pulse,"» I asked my daughter. She felt the pulse and exclaimed, «You have to go to the doctor with this!» But instead of going to the doctor I called you and you prayed for me. A few days later I received a prayer cloth from you. I laid it on my chest. While it lay there, I got a pain in my chest. The pain lasted five minutes - then it disappeared. Then the heart went completely quiet. Ever since, my heart has had normal a rhythm.

Healed of cataracts

The eye doctor examined me and found out that I had cataracts on both eyes. The left eye was worst off. My eyesight had deteriorated. It was worst in the morning. My daughter asked me to contact an eye doctor here in town. Two months ago I called you and received a prayer for cataracts. A few weeks passed before I discovered that I began to see more clearly. The sight was both brighter and clearer. Now I can see just as well without glasses as with glasses on. Some time later I had another examination by the eye doctor. "There is no cataracts here any more," was his conclusion after examining my eyes. I told my daughter that I had contacted you. "So, that's how it is," she replied.

Tourette Syndrome

After a crisis in the family my ten year old grandchild got Tourette syndrome. That was the conclusion a doctor at Haukeland hospital came up with. My grandson started getting involuntary movements and sounds. Three times I sent an email to you requesting prayer for him. Shortly afterwards the ailment disappeared. At Haukeland hospital the doctor was surprised that he did not have Tourette syndrome anymore. The teachers at his school were also surprised. This happened in 2012.

Atrial fibrillation

My husband was suffering with chronic atrial fibrillation. This suffering came periodically. He contacted you and you prayed for him. After you prayed for him, the atrial fibrillation disappeared. Since then he has been healthy.

Did not need hearing aids anymore

My father got a bad hearing and had to use hearing aids for 10-12 years. Without hearing aids, he had to repeatedly ask over and over again to know what we had said. Then one day he lost his hearing aids and he could not remember where he had left them. Around the same time he also lost his voice. He then called you and received prayer for his voice. He did not mention that his hearing was impaired. Imagine, after receiving prayer for his voice, he got his hearing back! He no longer needed hearing aids. My father had good hearing until he passed away seven years ago.

Headaches for 30 years

A few years ago you had meetings in Oppdal. My husband and I were at the meetings. Here, you prayed for my husband. He had suffered with headaches for 30 years. It was worst on the weekends. Because of the headaches he had to quit his job. At this meeting, you prayed for him, and since then he has been healthy.

"My eye was healed"

My sister has been many times to doctors for treatments of an eye. Medications did not help. Two or three weeks ago she called you and received prayer. After she hung up, she was made whole. She told her friends about getting healed. They just gaped when they heard about the miracle. «I called up Pedersen, and my eye was healed,» she usually tells people.

Several years of anxiety

For several years I suffered from deep anxiety. It did not take much for me to get anxiety. At this time, I used medication for the anxiety. I was several times in Bodø and Sundby to receive prayer. Finally the anxiety disappeared, and I have now been free of the anxiety for several years, and I no longer need medication.

Trembling hands

Four years ago, my hands began to tremble. It was not easy to hold a coffee cup. I even trembled when I reached into my purse for my wallet to pay the cashier at the store. The doctor did not know what caused this. I 2003 you were having meetings in in the city of Kirkenes. Here you laid your hands on top of mine and prayed that the trembling would stop. Imagine, suddenly the tremor stopped. Ever since then I have been rid of the ailment. I told this to my doctor; "Svein-Magne prayed for me, and God healed me from tremor," I told him. His eyes grew big when he heard this. He was speechless.

Anxiety after getting hit by a car

Two years ago I was hit by a car and injured one of my shoulders. After this experience, I got anxiety. The doctor gave me medicine, but it did not help in getting rid of the anxiety. I therefore decided to call you to receive prayer. You sent me a prayer cloth. Afterwards I started getting better. After two months I was healed. At the time, I had had anxiety for a year.

Was rid of 25 years of anxiety

Ever since I was 15 years old I had suffered with anxiety. About six to seven years ago you were having meetings in Sandnes. You laid your hand on my chest and prayed for me. I then felt a warmth that flowed into my chest and my skin was completely red. "Look how red your chest is," a lady told me after I had received prayer. That night I was cured of anxiety. I was 38 years old at he time. I had taken medication for my nerves ever since I was 15 years old.

"My husband was cured of alcoholism»

From adolescence, my husband had alcohol problems. He is now 82 years of age. Five years ago I called you and received prayer for him. While you were in Canada I called your office, and from there they sent you a fax. My husband knew nothing about it. He was very ill at the time. Suddenly he just stopped drinking. He told me that he just lost the desire for alcohol. "It does not taste good anymore," he told a friend. After he stopped drinking, he has become more fit and kinder.

Healed in the foot

For two years I walked around with pain and swelling in one foot. Last winter in 2013 I called you, and I received prayer. After a few days both the pain and the swelling were gone. I thank God for what has happened.

Polyps on the vocal cords

Ten years ago I began losing my voice. After three months had gone by I could hardly talk. I was only able to whisper. A doctor at the hospital in Ålesund examined me and confirmed that I had polyps of the vocal cords. He set me up for surgery. Three days before I was going to have the operation, I called you and received prayer. When I woke up the next morning, I could speak clearly! It had been a long time since I had sung, but now I could sing again! I hurried and called the hospital. A female nurse answered the phone. I said to her, "I am to have an operation for the polyps on the vocal cords, but I am healthy now and can both talk and sing!" The nurse replied, "Then you do not need to come back for surgery, but I can put you on the waiting list for surgery in six months – if the polyps were to come back." I answered: «An intercessor by the name Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for me, and the polyps disappeared over night». She replied: "If the polyps return, you can just come straight back to the hospital." Since then I have been free of polyps. They have not come back after God healed me.

The builder was healed in the shoulders and arms

I have been a builder for 46 years. For several years I have had pain in the shoulders and arms. The X-rays from the hospital in Drammen showed calcification. I decided to call you. You prayed over the telphone. After a few days I was fully healed, and I went back to work again full time.

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