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The Miracle in my Life

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Smoked for 60 years

I have smoked for over 60 years. Every day I smoked a pack of 20 cigarettes. The first tobacco I smoked was Tidemann yellow number 3. Then I switched to the cigarette brand Kent. From 1977 I was often plagued with demonic forces and I would get many painful thoughts. This led to anxiety and nerve problems. At the time I was very irritable. I had tried to quit smoking often earlier, but then I would get sick. After a few days I started smoking again. A week ago I called you and received prayer for the smoking habit.Within two minutes the craving for smoke was gone. When you prayed for me the troublesome demonic forces left me. Now the desire for smoking is completely gone.

Pancreatic cancer

My daughter got pancreatic cancer a few months ago. The doctors at the hospital in Bodø examined her and confirmed cancer. One month ago I called you and received prayer. My daughter did not know that I had called you. Two weeks ago she went to the hospital in Tromsø to get treatment. Here she was examined. The doctors then found out that she no longer had cancer. My daughter was very happy with the result. Then I informed her that you had prayed for her, and that God had healed her. She was very delighted with this.

Boiling hot feet

For three years I was bothered with painful feet. In addition, my feet were also burning hot. In the winter I had to go barefooted onto the outside steps several times a day to cool my feet down. Or I had to place my feet on top of ice packs, which are also used in a coolerbag. I had to do this many times a day. The doctors believed that clogged arteries of the legs caused this. In the fall of 2013 I called you and received prayer for the painful legs. After two or three days I was well. Now I am free of the pain, and I no longer need to have ice packs under my feet.

Osteoporosis disappeared

My daughter had both foot pain and back pain. The doctor confirmed that she had gotten osteoporosis. Several times she talked about the fear of ending up in a wheelchair. At this time she could not go to work, because she had fractures in the back. This ailment she had for over a year. Without her knowing, I called you during this time and you prayed for her. The pain disappeared from her body. She wondered what the reason for it was. My daughter went back to work at a nursing home in the place where she lives. She will never end up in a wheelchair.

Hole in the heart

At one time I suffered with pain in the heart. At the radiologist the doctors could confirm that I had a hole in a heart valve. After that I contacted you. Three times I called you and received prayer for my heart problem. When I got to the hospital in Orkdal, the doctors discovered that I no longer had a hole in my heart. I have not received treatment from any doctor. They did not get that far, because God had healed me.

Crooked leg straightened out

My 11 year old granddaughter injured herself in a playground in September, 2013. The right leg had been fractured in several places. The doctors said that the fractures were complicated, but put the leg into place. The leg must have healed together crookedly, since the footpad pointed outwards, toward the right. Doctors were therefore planning a new leg operation. It hurt to walk on this foot. Therefore she often used a wheelchair, since the doctors said that she must not exert her leg too much. One and a half months ago, I called you and received prayer for her. A week after you prayed for her, she was healthy and did not need to use a wheelchair. God straightened the footpad so it was twisted into place! Now it points straight forward. My granddaughter had a cyst in the surgery incision. The surgery incision would not heal regardless. After prayer the wound healed and the cyst disappeared. I have told her mother what I had done. She said nothing.

Hip wear and tear

For several years I had wear and tear of the left hip. It hurt both day and night. The radiographs from the hospital in Haugesund showed wear and tear. It was decided that I was to have the hip replaced. So one day I decided to call you. You prayed for me, but nothing happened. Therefore I continued to call you. After receiving prayer ten times the hip was healed. I no longer have wear and tear pain in the hip.

Stress headache

When I was 19 years I would get stress headaches. Every day and night throughout all these years I have had headaches. Sometimes I was not able to be up during the day. The only medication the doctor could give me was Codeine painkillers. I took up to eight a day. Five or six years ago I called you to receive prayer for this ailment. The headaches disappeared after two days. Since then I have not had headaches.

Smoked for 50 years

When I was ten years old I took up smoking. I felt guilty for having this burden. I was lying on the couch and I called you. You prayed that I would be rid of the smoking habit. Immediately I got the power to quit. Since then, I have not smoked. I quit in 2000. Since then I have not smoked.

The shingles quickly disappeared

For a few weeks I suffered with shingles. The doctor gave me medication, but nothing happened until I called you and got intercession. A few days later the shingles disappeared. My doctor could not understand how shingles could disappear so quickly.

Deaf in the left ear

As a child I had an infection in my left ear. This led to poor hearing. I used to use a hearing aid. But it caused an annoying itch in the ear. In addition, It also caused excema in the ear. Therefore I could not use hearing aids anymore. Three or four years ago I became deaf in that ear. I decided then to attend the Miracle Saturday meeting to receive prayer from you there. This was on October 5 ,2013. While you prayed I felt a warmth that spread down throughout my throat. It was both strange and comforting. The next day I discovered that I had regained my hearing in my left ear.

"My grandchild stuttered»

My granddaughter had problems with stuttering when she was four or five years old. She could harldy utter a word. This was in the 90s. I called you and received prayer for her. Since then she gradually improved. After a few months she spoke fluently. There is no doubt in my mind that it was God who healed her. I have told her this. She also believes it. Now she is 27 years old, and very well spoken..

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