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Operation in the night after television prayer

TESTIFIED: During a miracle Saturday last fall Otelie Kvamme shared her testimony of how God healed her in the back and ear.
Otelie Kvamme (79) from Oslo had suffered with backpains for more than 20 years. At worst, she could barely walk. In 1995 Svein Magne Pedersen prayed for the sick on the TV channel TV 2. That night God healed her back.

Othelie is originally from Kvalsund in Finnmark, but has lived in both Fredrikstad, Spain and Oslo. We converse with Otelie Kvamme, a friendly and happy lady. She tells that she has had a long and challenging life. Throughout great parts of her life she has suffered with physical pain.

When she was 30 years old, she got severe pain in the stomach. For eight long years she suffered with severe pain, until doctors found out that there was a tumor in the pancreas. An extensive operation was perfomed, and the pain disappeared, but afterwards her back started getting sore.

Unable to walk

-In the beginning things went smoothly and I managed without much difficulty. When I turned 40, I moved to Spain. After some time my mother died, and then my back worsened greatly. In the time after the funeral, I was cleaning out her apartment. There was a lot of heavy lifting of boxes, and I recall a man commenting that I was not right in the head, she tells.

The heavy lifting had huge ramifications for Kvammes back, and the next few years were very painful.

-I felt pain from doing the smallest thing, and I was totally handicapped. I could not even carry a bottle of water. At times I struggled to walk. I could not move one leg in front of the others, before my back locked. Kvamme contacted a chiropractor constantly, but it only gave results intermittently.

-It was a challenge to stay in a foreign country while being sick, but amazingly enough I managed. I also got a hold of painkillers, but what the doctor in Spain gave me, I do not know.

Nightly operation

In the fall of 1995 Otelie spoke with a girlfriend. She had heard that healing preacher Svein Magne Pedersen was going to participate in a talk show on TV2. Perhaps he would also pray for the viewers? Otelie decided to watch this program. The date was October 12, 1995.

-I took it very seriously, and did not tell anyone that I was going to watch the program. I unplugged the telephone and watched carefully. When Pedersen prayed for the viewers, I was fully participating, but I did not feel anything in particular.

During the night Otelie woke from a violent pain in the back. She had never felt anything so painful and stood up.

-I said to myself: «So this didn't help either» but then suddenly all the pain disappeared. It seemed as if God operated my back. Afterwards my back has been completely healthy. It was fantastic!

Ear pain

Otelie Kvamme can also tell you about something else that happened a few years later. For several months she had had pain in one ear without anyone finding the cause.

Svein-Magne Pedersen was a guest speaker at the opening meeting during Camp Meeting in Oslo Christian Center in 2002. Closer to 2,000 people were present, and more than 500 people came forward to receive prayer. It was a long night for those who wanted prayer. Around half past three Kvamme received prayer. She felt nothing in particular at the time, but on the way home, she experienced something strange.

-When I went home with my brother, something strange occurred. We had driven for about five minutes, when I suddenly felt a heat wave that flowed into the ear and back out the same way. I said to my brother, "Now, something is happening to my ear," and then the ear ailment disappeared.

-I'm so happy for what God has done. Lately I have also aquired a new and strengthened faith in Him, and it has meant a lot to me, she happily concludes.

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