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I cannot remember the last time I went to the doctor!

IN SHAPE: Vally Solstad (75) from Kåfjord thanks God that she is completely healthy. Throughout life, Jesus healed her a number of times through Svein Magne Pedersen's prayers. (PHOTO: Private)
Vally Solstad has been cured of both ulcers, cataracts, rheumatism, a slipped disc and numerous other ailments through the intercession of Svein-Magne Pedersen throughout her lifetime. Today she is in good health and cannot remember the last time she went to the doctor.

Vally Solstad is 75 years old and is from the town of Samuelsberg in Kåfjord in the county of Troms. Over the years, she has numerous times received prayed from Svein-Magne Pedersen and has many times experienced God doing miracles in her life.

-I have not been to the doctor for several years. I have no health issues. Most seniors I know use great amounts of medication, but in recent years, I have been able to avoid this, she says pleased.

Vally tells that she has been through difficult times with illness previously in life. She struggled amongs other things with ulcers for several years .

-I do not know the cause of the ulcer, but in 1973 it was so bad that I had an operation. The ailments were gone for several years, but around 2000, the ailments started returning. The pain came in waves, and was as intense as knives. I was very reduced and did not do much. Fortunately I got cortisone, which relieved the pain somewhat.

In 2003 Svein-Magne was having a meeting in Nordreisa in Troms. It was a long meeting, and Vally got a place way back in the prayer line. Vally became so ill that she had to lie down in the car to rest. Finally, it was her turn.

-When Pedersen prayed the first time, I felt nothing. He prayed again, and then I felt a cool wave throughout my body. In that instant, the pain disappeared. I've never been so happy in my life, she says.

On the way to the meeting Vally hardly said a word because of the pain. During the trip back there was now a completely different atmosphere, despite the fact that it was past two in the morning.Vally was in great shape and talked all the way home to Samuelsberg.


In 2006 Vally got vision problems. - I had visual disturbances and I had to blink. Often fluids ran from the eyes, which was uncomfortable, especially at night. Then I would wake up and feel that the pillow was totally wet, she says.

Vally went to an optician and had an eye test. He discovered that Vally had cataracts, and sent a referral to the eye doctor. He could confirm that she had cataracts and ordered surgery at the University Hospital in Tromso. It was nearly a year of waiting time. Right after the visit to the doctor, she called Svein Magne Pedersen's prayer phone. In the time that followed she felt that the vision was better.

In 2007 Pedersen visited the Alternative health fair in Tromso. Vally decided to make use of the opportunity and made the trip there. There she again received prayer.

-In the time that followed, I felt that my vision was normal. It was now three months before the surgery, but I decided to cancel my appointment. I would rather go to the optician and have another test.

-You have eyes like a healthy person and no longer have cataracts, was message she got.

-In the years since then I have received constant summons from the optician, but I always declined, because I have no need for new check-ups. Today I do not really need glasses, and I read with ease. God really did a thorough job with my vision.


Vally Solstad has for almost 30 years of her life been plagued with rheumatism. It led to pain in the back, shoulders, arms and especially in the neck. In addition, she had some arthritis.

-I had a mild form of rheumatism and was not bothered like those who have arthritis. Yet it was painful at times, and I used painkillers like cortisone, Ibux and Codeine.

In the fall of 2008 Svein Magne Pedersen visited the Alternative health fair in Tromso again. Vally made the trip again and got intercession.

-When he was praying, I felt a warmth in my body. All the pain disappeared, and and has not returned. In addition, I was rid of the gold allergy. For two years I had reacted to metals, especially gold. I used to be all red, but now I have no reactions.

Slipped disc

Ten years ago Vally also got a severely slipped disc. The pain was excruciating, and she had sciatica pain going down the legs. She had to use a variety of painkillers.

-I was bedridden for several days and could not stand up. I needed help for everything. Finally I called intercession phone. The pain disappeared and I could rejoice in another miracle, Vally says.

Today, Vally has not been sick for several years.

-I can not remember the last time I went to the doctor. God has truly been my doctor. I continue to call Svein-Magne, but now it's for family and friends.

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