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Mary Bast was nearly blind:
- Now I can see unbelievably well!

CLEAR VISION: For seven years Mary Bast from Asker was almost blind on her right eye. In addition, she had headaches daily and no doctors or painkiller could be of help.
After a severe car accident in 2008, Mary Bast (58) from Asker, has been almost blind on her right eye. In addition, she had daily headaches. When she received prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting, her vision was healed and the headaches disappeared.

- It is entirely true, I can see. I am not kidding, Mary Bast repeated several times after she received prayer from Svein-Magne at the Miracle Saturday meeting on March 23 this year. She could not believe it to be true, and she walked to the back of the meeting room to test her vision. With her hand covering the healthy eye, she could now read what was on the big screen at a 30 meters distance. God had given her her sight back on the left eye that had plagued her for the past seven years.


Mary's bad eye sight arose after a dramatic car accident on December 18, 2008. Mary was on her way to to Brendsrudtoppen where she was going to stand guard at the Salvation Army collection to the poor. When she crossed a pedestrian going over Drammen road with a backpack and suitcase a car approached that failed to stop in time.

-It hit me at high speed, and I was thrown against the windshield where I hit my face, and then I flew four meters in the air and hit the ground. I lost consciousness, but I woke up after a while with severe pain in my body.

At the hospital it was confirmed that she had eight broken ribs and injuries to the liver, small intestine, lungs, kidneys, nose and eye. In addition she got cerebral hemorrhage, and the situation was critical for a some hours.

-In the time that followed, I discovered that the vision on my right eye was very poor, and I saw a shadow. I became depressed and felt that my life was destroyed. I cried a lot. It hurt very much as well, she says.

Mary went to see two eye specialists, but both said that there was nothing that could be done. If she had been a child, they might have been able to operate on her. The vision on her left eye was not perfect either, and she had to wear glasses with a reinforced lens.

Miracle Saturday meeting

On Saturday, March 23 Mary made the trip to Vennesla to attend the Miracle Saturday meeting. After Pedersen had preached a couple of hours, and had a lunch break he began to pray for people. During the intercession there were testimonies and Bible verses about healing shown on the big screen. Mary sat far upfront and constantly tried to test her vision to see what was there, but it was impossible. Around nine o'clock in the evening, it was her turn to receive prayer.

-When Pedersen started praying, I was filled with an intense heat. I am a person who usually feela cold easily, but now I was so hot that I started sweating. Suddenly I noticed that my vision had become so good. I could not believe it to be true.

Mary then went to the back of the meeting room to test her vision. From a 30 meter distance she read the text on the big screen.

-It's amazing! she said in tears several times.

Daily life has become like new. Also the abdominal discomfort she has struggled with is much better.

Two months after the meeting her vision is still good.

-Now I can see and read with ease. Thank you, Jesus, for all your help, and thanks to Jesus Heals Ministries for all your prayers.

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