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Prayed for knee - healed of flatfootedness!

Flatfootedness: Lill Hansen (64) from Sandnes had her whole life had flat feet, and for several years she used insoles. At the Miracle Saturday meeting in 2012 she received intercession by Svein-Magne Pedersen, and got nice arches on both feet.
Lill Hansen (64) from Sandnes had been flat footed on both feet her whole life. At a Miracle Saturday meeting in 2012 Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for her, and her feet got nice arches. The strange thing was that Hansen did not mention being flat footed, but had received prayer for one of her knees.

When Lill Hansen had finished 7th grade in the 1960s, she had to go through a medical examination which was common before high school. That's when the doctor found out that she was flatfooted. Lill therefore had to acquire two insoles.

-The soles were made of steel, and I wore special shoes that were specifically designed. I was limited in the shoes I could wear. I seldom wore high heels. As the years passed, Hansen stopped wearing insoles. She was therefore often tired in the back and hips, but she managed to live with the symptoms.

In 2012 Lill Hansen made the trip to the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla. For 61 years she had been flat-footed. She knew of Svein-Magne Pedersen and his ministry and now wanted to receive prayer for some health issues, including a hurt knee. She did not have flat feet in mind.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, he put his foot on my foot while praying for my knee. I did not notice anything in particular. Three weeks later, when I was out walking, I first discovered something strange with the way I moved. Before I had walked on the inside of the foot, but now I walked more on the outside. It felt like the hips and feet were bent outwardly. I realized that something must have happened. When I checked my feet, I discovered nice arches under both soles. I no longer had flat feet. It was amazing!

Although the healing happened in 2012 she shared the testimony for the first time on Miracle Saturday 13 June 2015. Here she told her story and showed both soles and one of the old insoles she had used.

-I did not mention the flatfoot problem for Pedersen, yet God healed me. It was special, she says enthusiastically.

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