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Healed after 68 years of nasal ailments

LEGENDE KRAFT: Earlier this year Eva Grunnvåg read the book Legende Kraft (Healing Power) by Svein-Magne Pedersen. When she read about a man who was healed in the nose, she experienced her own nose getting healed. It had been clogged for over 60 years, but now it opened up.
Eva Grunnvåg (74) from Farsund had for nearly her entire life lived with nasal congestion. When she read a book about healing, written by Svein-Magne Pedersen, the nasal passages opened og became completely normal.

When Eva Grunnvåg was six years old, she fell and injured her nose. It led to 68 years of nasal congestion.

-The accident happened when I was a young child and I was going to carry a fine lamp up an attic staircase. I was unfortunate and stumbled and fell backwards down the stairs. At the same time the lamp hit my nose and blood gushed out. In the time after it hurt, but the pain disappeared eventually, and I did not think much about it, she says.

Sadly Evas encounter with the lamp led to cartilage evolving inside the nose.

Eventually the nose was completely clogged on one side. There was talk of surgery, but the doctor said that it was too complicated. Therefore the doctor did not do anything, and the nose remained clogged. It caused some discomfort.

-I was constantly clogged. When I had a cold, it was especially distressing. Some also complained that I snored.

On February 16 this year something special happened. Eva was reading a book about healing that Svein-Magne Pedersen had written. On one page was the testimony of someone who had been healed in the nose. Eva therefore said a prayer to God for healing while she put her hand against her nose.

-The next day I suddenly noticed that the nose was completely fine. Then I came to think of the prayer and Pedersen's book. It was lovely to finally be able to breathe normally! One does not need nasal drops when one has Gods healing drops, she says happily.

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