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Svein-Magne Pedersen
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The miracle in my life

Here is different stories about people who have experience healing in theire life!

Inflammation of the pancreas

During the course of two years, I had inflammation of the pancreas twice. I did not receive any treatment for the disease. Nothing could be done to help the situation. I had a fever and was very ill during that time. My wife called you and received prayer for me. Little by little the sickness disappeared. The doctor examined me. He discovered that I had been healed. I was healed through your prayers. Since then I've been healthy.

No more fear of flying

A few years ago I lived in Bergen. I had lived there for 16 years before moving to Finnmark. While living there, I suffered terribly from the fear of flying. One December day I was going to take a plane from Bergen to Alta. I dreaded this trip badly. Before I left to take the plane I called you. You prayed that I would be rid of the fear of flying. While you prayed, I felt a stream of energy that went through my body. Then I entered the plane and headed north. As the plane approached the airport in Alta we were met by a terrible storm. The plane circled over the airport for 40 minutes before it was able to land. I sat there and felt a heavenly peace. The fear had disappeared. Now the fear of flying is gone. I know that God is with me. I need not be afraid.

Prayer for dry eyes three times

Three times I looked you up to receive prayer for dry eyes. My eyes felt like sandpaper. Blue marks appeared on the white portion of the eyes. That hurt. I had to apply eye drops eight to ten times a day. This suffering I had had for two or three years. The last time you prayed for me was over a year ago at the Family Church in the town of Ås. I did not feel anything when you prayed for me, but then I kept on improving. After three or four days I was healthy! I could hardly believe it was true. But since then I have been free of this eye disease.

Got sensation back

For eight or nine years I lacked feeling under my feet. It was therefore difficult to walk. I walked on my heals. This ailment probably came as a result of a chemotherapy treatment I had some years earlier. The doctors said that the nerves in the feet were destroyed. Well over a year ago I called you and received prayer for this ailment. Then I gradually improved. After two-three weeks I had recovered. I have now been to a control at the hospital. The doctor can confirm that I had been healed and calls it a miracle.

Powerful back disorder

Twelve years ago I got a powerful back disorder. My walk was crooked. At the time I was a sailor. The doctor sent me to a physiotherapist. In the course of two months I was at the physiotherapist twice a week. "This is complicated," he said. At this time I thought of calling you. You prayed for me over the phone. When I hung up the telephone, I could straigthen up. Within a few minuttes I was healthy and could walk to a garage one hundred meters away. Since then I have not had back problems.

Lump disappeared overnight

Thirteen years ago I got a lump close to the navel which the doctor had made sure was surgically removed. In 2014, it returned. It was the size of a hazelnut. I was examined, and the doctor wanted me to have an operation the following day. In the morning I called you. I lay down to sleep again, but when I woke up, it was gone. The doctor was shocked when he did not find the lump, "This is unbelievable," he said. In the fall I was also going to have a three centimeter large protrusion on the backside removed. The doctor was worried that it might be cancer. I called and you prayed again. The following day it was also gone.

Good vision

Five years ago I injured my right eye and it made my vision impaired. I also had cataracts confirmed. I suffered with this for six years. The plan was to have an operation. During a meeting at Bildøy last year you got a word of knowledge about poor vision. I sat in the audience, but felt something moving inside the eye. Shortly after I was at the doctor. «Whoever said that you have cataracts, has seen visions,» he said. Also the damaged one eye had become healthy. For almost 50 years I also used glasses due to nearsightedness. Several times I've contacted you about this. Today I do not glasses anymore.

Incurable blood cancer

In 2014, I learned that I had chronic leukemia, and doctors said I had to live with it for the rest of my life. I went through six chemotherapy treatments that would slow the progression, but the doctor said I could never get rid of the cancer. In 2015 I called and received prayer. Twice I also visited Miracle Saturday. In the fall, I was at a new control. Then all cancers were gone in both marrow and blood!!

Healed on YouTube

For a long time I had been struggling with pain in my back and hips. My right leg was also 1.5 centimeters shorter than the left one. I watched the program «The Miracle is Yours» on YouTube on the Internet since I live in Sweden. Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for the sick, and I joined in the prayer. One morning I woke up with something that crunched inside my head. At the same time, I felt that something happened in the hip capsule. I got up and noticed that the back was healthy and I no longer limped. Thank you Jesus!

Warts and eczema disappeared

For over a year my eldest daughter had struggled with eight warts on her hands and more were on the way. We had been to the doctor, but there was little help available. She was going to start school soon, and she thought the warts were unpleasant to show. During a meeting at Stadlandet in 2015 I got some prayercloths to take home. Shortly after this, all the warts disappeared. Our youngest daughter was also rid of her bothersome eczema. Later in the year I contacted Jesus Heals Ministries again. Our four year old daughter had gotten some warts on one finger. These also disappeared within a couple of days.

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