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Good hearing after TELEPHONE PRAYER

HEARS WELL: When Bjørg Skoklefald (81) from Ås received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen the hearing returned. Several times both she and her family have experienced God's intervention. (PHOTO: Martha Lillian Moan)
For several years Bjørg Skoklefald (81) had very poor hearing on her right ear. When she received prayer from Pedersen in February 2015 the hearing returned. -God has helped me and my family many times, she says pleased.

About five years ago Bjørg Skoklefald from Ås in Akershus noticed that the hearing on her right ear was impaired. It most likely started after a period with the flu. The loss of hearing led to some challenges in her everyday life.

-It was certainly more difficult to catch what people said. When this became bothersome, I asked them to speak louder and then it was okay. When I watched TV I always had to turn up the volume, and when I talked on the phone, I always used my left ear, she says.

Bjørg was still in good spirits, and always had an inner faith that God would heal her. She had experienced healing before.

-When I was at the doctor, he suggested that I should acquire a hearing aid. I asked : "What would I need that for? I hear what I want to hear."

Wrong ear

In mid-February last year Bjørg called the intercession phone at Jesus Heals Ministries. She had done this several times before. Pedersen prayed for her, and Bjørg did not think any more about her hearing. Later in the day the landline rang, Bjørg picked up the receiver and started talking.

-Suddenly I discovered that I used my right ear. I heard the voice so clearly and distinctly, just like a speaker. My hearing had been made well.

Two weeks later she phoned and told Pedersen about what had happened. He rejoiced in her testimony. Eight months later the magazine «Healing» gives her a call to see how things are going. Bjørg could then tell about her hearing still being good.

Hip Ailments

Bjørg Skoklefald can also share about previously being healed. About twenty years ago she got severe pain in the hip. The pain was so great that there was talk of an operation and the use of crutches.

- I was not so vocal about the pain. Instead I held forth the promises of healing in God's Word. This Jesus would fix, I thought.

In 1996 the Pentecostal church in the city of Bærum arranged a meeting at Info-Rama convention center in Sandvika. There Svein-Magne Pedersen preached and prayed for the sick.

-When Pedersen prayed for me my whole leg vibrated. I was so heavy and powerless, and when Pedersen asked me to walk across the floor, I doubted that I would manage it. To my great surprise it went just fine and the pain was gone. It was amazing!

Another time Bjørg had severe pain in her arms. It was inflammation of the bursa, but the doctor did not figure it out. Everyday life was challenging when it came to daily chores where she used her arms.

-I called the intercession phone and Svein-Magne prayed for me again. I experienced getting healed once more.

Children and grandchildren

Bjørg Skoklefald tells of others in the family receiving God's help regarding health challenges. For over ten years her daughter suffered with a bad back, and the radiographs showed wear and tear of the lower discs. At worst, she had to resort to painkillers, and she practically did not make it out of bed. One day in 2000, she was in terrible pain, but was still made it to a meeting with Pedersen held in Ski.

-Pedersen prayed for her, and she was healed. The day after she went skating without feeling pain. Skoklefald says that also her granddaughter was rid numerous warts she had on her hands. The warts increased in number and eventually there were over fifty warts. She was embarrassed by her hands, especially because she played the piano. The doctor suggested freezing the warts, but warned that she could get a lot of scars.

-She complained to me in distress and I had a prayercloth sent from Svein-Magne. "Now we pray to Jesus," I said, and put the prayercloth on her hands. Shortly later she got intercession from Pedersen at a meeting.

Two days later, all the warts had disappeared, and the granddaughter was of course overjoyed.

-I am so grateful for Svein Magne Pedersen’s ministry. He unfortunately gets a lot of undeserved criticism, but he does a wonderful job. Pedersen is a sincere person. I pray often for him, and thank God for his spiritual gift, Bjørg concludes.

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